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    PureMix / Sonnox Mixing Contest!

    Get ready to have some fun and win some prizes along the way! Brief Rules: 1. Create a pureMix account and download the stems. By entering this contest and downloading those tracks, you hereby agree to join Sonnox' newsletter who is sponsoring this event. 2. You can use any DAW, any...
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    Black Friday Official Thread

    Hi Everyone! We are going to try something a little different this year for Black Friday (Nov. 29). I have opened up this thread to allow all manufacturers who have a Black Friday promotion/sale to post it here for members to be aware. Please keep it clean . :guitar: And again, this thread is...
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    Best Music Documentaries?

    What are your picks? For real bands not fiction.......... Here is our list: Our Favorite Music Documentaries - Audiofanzine For me some Seattle scene documentary is sorely missing...
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    The Top Guitar Amp Brands

    Hi everyone! We recently ran a poll among Audiofanzine members and here are the results for the top 10 guitar amp brands (remember I said brands not specific models): The Top Guitar Amp Brands - Audiofanzine I thought you might find this interesting. And...what are your thoughts?
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    Exclusive Interview with Yoad Nevo

    It took a while but here is the interview: Exclusive Interview with Yoad Nevo - Audiofanzine
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    MIDI for Dummies

    Difference and Relations between MIDI and Audio files... MIDI for Dummies - Audiofanzine Stickied and let's see if there is some interest....
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    The 10 Best Freeware Compressor Plug-ins

    Or at least these are the 10 that we think are best: The Top Free Software Compressors - Audiofanzine Feel free to add your choice for compressor vst in this thread!
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    GearFest Mixing Contest

    Biggest Ever Audio Mixing Contest is ON! Over $18K in high end Pro Audio equipment to be distributed to the winners. Starting April 16th 2013, the race for mixing the best sounding version of Liza Colby Sound’s song ‘Oh Baby’ is on at The contest is free and is sponsored by the...
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    Vocal Issues and Home Remedies

    Here is a quick guide we cooked up: Remedies for Vocal Problems - Audiofanzine From my experience as a singer, especially during recording the key is to keep the throat hydrated and reduce alcohol/cigarettes and all that other good stuff :drunk:
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    The best dynamic microphones

    So here we go- and before you jump down my throat about another 'best of' a small disclaimer: it is meant only as a starting point and we appreciate your feedback about this list! Top 8 reference dynamic microphones - Audiofanzine
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    Apogee Quartet Review and more

    I don't normally tend to post links to Audiofanzine reviews but I thought this might be of interest to you as it compares the quartet to other leading interfaces... Apogee Quartet Audio Interface Review : 2 Duet = 1 Quartet? - Audiofanzine
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    Fraud by The Jongleurs mixes

    So Armistice was nice enough to upload his tracks for us to re-mix. The WAV files can be downloaded here: by The Jongleurs Like we said, this is not a contest, at least on this round. It is an educational initiative...
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    DOWNLOAD: Fraud by The Jongleurs by The Jongleurs
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    Present & Future Projects

    Hi Yoad! What are you working on at the moment? I understand some more stuff is in the works with Waves..... And what are some of your goals/ambitions for the future? Also in terms of producing/mixing artists... do you have a wish list?
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    Welcome to Mix This project

    Welcome to the Mix This forum. The focus is to be educational as well as informative to both those who are new to mixing, as well as for those who have more experience. At first, we believe that this should not be done as a contest, but more of a chance to learn by doing. So this is how this...