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Welcome to the Mix This forum.

The focus is to be educational as well as informative to both those who are new to mixing, as well as for those who have more experience. At first, we believe that this should not be done as a contest, but more of a chance to learn by doing.

So this is how this works:

1. Submit mix of your song in the Submissions sticky.

2. Jimmy will contact you via Private Message to work out sending of individual wav files.

3. Each song file will be uploaded to the site in individual stickies for download.

4. New threads will be created by members for posting their mixes.

5. The time that submitted files will continue to be shared on the site, will be directly related to the feedback from members.

6. Everything is bound by nothing. Rules are subject to change by request.

All styles are welcome, and level of recording quality is not necessarily the prerequisite. Actually, we are also looking for recordings that are tough to mix as well.

Having the ability to mess with another engineer's tracks, and being able to get direct comments about them, as well as advice from other members here, will likely enable all of us to learn from each other.

So lets do this!

Post your song for submission.

Chater-La and Jimmy
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