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  • I just discovered this forum by accident, Googling for LA-610 information... can you fill me in on how we can get involved and tell folks about our products? Perhaps we could donate a pedal for a give-a-way or something? Out website is Creation Audio Labs - Boutique Gear and Pro Audio Upgrades - Best Guitar Effects and Pro Audio Service. Best to email me as I usually don't have much time for trolling the forums to see if any replies, but I do get emails to my attention alex@creationaudiolabs.com Thanks...
    It's unfortunate that greg is banned. His contributions in the on topic forums are invaluable. I realize that it was not one, but many incidents that brought this all about. Going after an obvious troll should be applauded though. This boards value equals the sum of all of it's members. It's sadly diminished by his exclusion.
    Can you delete my post in the music video production trhead called work in progress - critique. I posted in the wrong thread and I can't seem to delete it myself. I will repost in the Mp3 forum. thanks
    Hello Lady Chaterley !

    Hey, I just read in another thread that you might be French !...if I understood correctly ....;-)

    Well, if that's the case, I am too, from Quebec (MOntreal). So.....I'll say then "Salut et passe une belle journée"
    I am not nr 42
    I might be nr 6
    but the problem is still the same as mentioned before

    please delete my email so i can sign up and use the bbs
    So now we can't flame each other on the cave anymore?
    What the hell is the point of even having the cave then?
    bug in bbs
    went to last message
    said conversation between you and someone named 42

    did not see last message i posted either

    crosslinked some pointers ???
    Dear Chater: I'm new to the forum (as of 10 minutes ago). I'm a reporter for KBOO Radio in Portland, Oregon. I've been looking for info on how to start a new thread (and haven't found it, which is why I'm writing to you). Can you point me to a FAQ that outlines the process? What I'm REALLY trying to find out is if someone knows how to jump, in Adobe Audition, to the "last point listened to," without having to insert a marker at that point. Thanks for any help you can provide -- Joel
    Hi ChaterDudette! :D

    Pay no attention to True or SuprDude ;)

    It started as a 6 pack (of beer) but then I found your cheese :o and then I had to use your baffroom (sorry bout the smell :o) and then I had to scratch my butt (sorry bout yer carpet :o)
    and then...well...I HAD to drink 3 in a row to ease the pain of the friction burn from scratching. :)


    Have a nice day ChaterDudette :D
    Hey Chater-La
    Like the new look, I take it we have upgraded versions? One problem I've noticed is that I have the forum as an RSS feed in my browser and it no longer updates. Just shows old posts from a couple of weeks ago.
    Thought I would mention it.
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