5 Pieces of Gear


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Hi Yoad and thanks for joining us...! :thumbs up:

I'm going to ask you a question that we like to ask all producers of music:

If you were stranded on an island and had to choose only 5 pieces of gear for music recording/mixing what would they be? Basically, what is the stuff that you really can't live without when it comes to gear?

Yoad Nevo

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The first one would be a guitar and then a mic, drum kit, laptop and speakers.

I think that's all one needs to make music these days


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That's interesting.
I too would have to bring a guitar...but listening to a lot of your work, I was expecting you to lean more toward the synths. :)

Yoad Nevo

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Guitar is my main instrument, I would be able to watch the sunset on the island while playing the guitar. Can't imagine doing the same with a Minimoog....