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    READ THIS before posting here

    This forum is for those who want to discuss processing and recording your vocals and improving vocal technique. It is NOT for posting a poorly recorded audio clip from your smartphone or computer and asking if you sing good or have a nice voice. John Lennon, himself, hated his voice. Yet, the...
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    Mic positioning for small body acoustic guitar

    Taking off the admin hat for a sec to get some uncensored advice. I'd like to record my Taylor GS Mini - mahogany, I have one condenser (CAD M179) at my disposal. So far, I've tried different mic positioning, starting at aiming towards the 12th fret, and noticed the sound is much thinner, with...
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    Free Elixir bass strings

    Elixir came to Audiofanzine and wanted to give our members a free set of the new Elixir nanoweb bass strings. I wanted to give you guys the chance as well (if only just because you need some new strings...) If you're interested, you have to post on this AF thread. To get (and keep) the set of...
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    Switching out the pickups on a MIM Telecaster

    Thanks for the additional info. Potentially dumb question: after taking off the pickguard, how will I know if my tele can fit a humbucker or not or will need any routing adjustments? Are there certain measurements or shapes to look for? For example, can I go with any humbucker if, under the...
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    Switching out the pickups on a MIM Telecaster

    So a while ago, I mentioned how I'm gonna do the 4-way mod to my tele. I've also been considering switching out the neck pickup. I'm gonna finish the mod this weekend and its gonna be a brighter setup, with 500k pots and .022 caps. I think that switching out the bridge pickup with something...
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    Free guides for learning different instruments, theory, songwriting, etc

    From berklee's site. God bless the internet! Lesson Handbooks - Berklee Online
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    88-key MIDI controller worth it or not?

    I've always wanted to learn piano which is why I'm considering getting an 88-key MIDI controller (MIDI controller over a keyboard because I think it gives a wider range of sonic capabilities). Is an 88-key MIDI controller overkill? Because the only reason I would get 88-key vs a smaller one is...
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    Making drum loops sound realistic

    I'm victim to EZdrummer loops. I'm not a drummer and have no access to a real kit, let alone a properly miked one. So sometimes, I just pick loops and accept that they will sound like ass. A fellow HRer provided some info to help remedy this sickness, and I think it would be useful for everyone...
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    Using the Klanghelm VUMT plugin to track at optimal levels

    This goes along with what MM said about avoiding recording too hot. A good friend of mine turned me onto this plugin as a means of tracking more effectively and efficiently back when I told him I'm going to get my hands dirty and try and learn a thing or two about mixing. It's really a great...
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    Getting things started with my favorite EQ chart

    I know these charts are far beneath many of you, but for a mixing noob like myself, I've skimmed through several and this interactive chart is the best imo:
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    READ THIS before posting here

    Hey guys, Often I'll find good reads or useful charts or tips on my free time (particularly while in the lou :D), and I'm sure the same goes for many of you. So this forum is created for members who would like to help each other out by posting miscellaneous tips, tricks and other useful...
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    Mixing elements individually from EZDrummer 2 kit loops

    I use the tap2find function in EZdrummer2 to find certain loops that match best with the ideas that I try and develop. I'm working on one song that, technically, would be my first real mix, as the several songs I made some 5-10 years ago were never, ever mixed... Anyway, obviously the loops...
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    Telecaster 4 way switch mod

    Just wondering if anyone here's done it before? I've never modded my guitar, and I loveeee my tele so I would hate to mess it up, but I like DIY work and this mod actually seems pretty doable. The whole point is to add a 4th switch that will use the neck and bridge pickups in succession (instead...
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    Sorry about the overload of reviews

    We were addressing a few issues with broken links. Starting from today, duplicate reviews should no longer be posted, overloading the forum, so let me know if that isn't the case, thanks!
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    Great online resources for vocal training?

    Hey guys, Ideally I would have a vocal coach or teacher, but English-speaking vocal coaches are hard to come by in France, and while my french is not bad, I certainly don't have any sort of musical french vocabulary which would complicate things. I've googled and seen different things on...