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This forum is for those who want to discuss processing and recording your vocals and improving vocal technique. It is NOT for posting a poorly recorded audio clip from your smartphone or computer and asking if you sing good or have a nice voice.

John Lennon, himself, hated his voice. Yet, the much of the world disagreed.

You can't, and shouldn't, change your voice. But by learning (and teaching others) about proper singing technique, relevant hardware, mic placement, recording and processing vocals, etc, you will go a LONG way into making your vocals sound as good as possible.

This is a forum about recording audio. You can learn a lot, but if you come to HomeRecording strictly to post a clip of yourself singing and asking if you sing good, these sorts of posts may be treated as spam and deleted without warning.

Thanks for understanding, and we hope HomeRecording can help you progress in the same way that it's helped so many others before you!


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Not open for further replies.