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    Do I sing nasally?

    I'm a pop punk singer, and this genre has a reputation for whiny, nasally, yelled vocals. Personally I try to sing as technically as possible. I'm not a "trained" singer by any means, but have been singing for 5 years. Thanks!
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    Is C#5 considered high for a male?

    I wrote a song and realised that there are some notes which are at the very top of my vocal range, the highest one being C#5. I can "hit" it for an instant (it's not a sustained note), but I don't think I could go any higher in chest voice. I was wondering how high that is considered to be for a...
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    Never Get Enough (POP PUNK / SPACE ROCK)

    Solo artist from Canada here. Looking for feedback on any aspect of the song. Thank you :guitar:
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    Eve Of Spring - Eyes On You (POP PUNK)

    Just released a new single. Let me know what y'all think!
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    Ghosts (emo trap)

    Here's my latest single. YouTube Would appreciate feedback on any aspect of it.
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    Holiday Girlfriend (emo trap song)

    Looing for feedback on the mix of my latest single. I'm pretty satisfied with it, but curious to hear what you guys think. Final song: YouTube Thanks !! (Emo trap is basically emo vocals and guitars over 808 drums).
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    "Ghosts" - emo trap

    Hey y'all, I'm a few days away from sending my latest single to mastering. From start to finish, I have easily spent 100 hours on this song. I'd appreciate some feedback for the final tweaks. Thanks !!
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    Pop punk

    Hi :guitar: I'm about to release my new single. I will officially release it once it's on Spotify and iTunes. For now, I am sharing it with you guys. Feel free to share any feedback on any aspect of it. YouTube
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    Questions regarding song credits

    Hi, I'm writing the credits for my songs and I have a few questions. Situation #1: I wrote a vocal melody/lyrics over a song that already exists. Then I brought it to someone who made a completely new instrumental that still fitted with my melody. So he wrote the music, and I wrote the lyrics...
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    Emo rap

    Hi, Finally released this. I've made a few posts about it in the past couple of weeks. Would appreciate any feedback, on any aspect of it. YouTube
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    Emo rap

    This mix is 98% done. Would appreciate feedback for the last final tweaks. Mahal Pt. 2 101020129.wav - Google Drive
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    Emo hip-hop beat

    Hi y'all, Mahal Pt. 2 insutr 18092019 2.wav - Google Drive Curious to hear opinions on the mix of this beat I'm working on. Anything that should be worked on some more? Thanks!
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    Rap or singing? To tune or not to tune? *urgent*

    Hi everybody, I am almost done with this song which has a mix of singing and rapping. I'm the singer. I have a scheduled session tomorrow for vocal tuning, that's why it is quite urgent I get you guys' advice. Some parts are clearly rap vocals which don't need tuning. But there are some parts...
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    Wishful Thinking (acoustic pop punk)

    Hey y'all, I haven't posted here in quite some time. I've finally (almost) finished a song I've been working on for 9 months. I still need to listen with fresh ears + in the car + on monitors, but this is pretty much how it's gonna sound. I would greatly appreciate feedback as I plan on...
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    Pop punk / emo rap song

    Hi y'all, I've made a thread about this mix a few months ago, here's the final song: YouTube Also available here: Bandcamp (free download): Whatever Happened [Single] | Eve Of Spring iTunes/Apple Music: Eve of Spring on Apple Music Spotify: Whatever Happened by Eve of Spring on Spotify Find...