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Thread: Open Discussion - Consumer gear vs. Pro gear

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    Quote Originally Posted by miroslav View Post
    Heck...I haven't recorded anything in ages,...way too many things have been taking up my fun-time for too long.
    The closest I've been to "recording" over the last 2 years is downloading new songs I like off YouTube.

    The last song I finished writing my mom heard me playing on the piano one day, and she came into the studio to tell me she liked what I was playing...after that, everything went bust AFA music making. My mom's health went downhill, and then she passed away...and then I started this major studio construction/house overhaul project...and since then, nothing, not a note, nothing.
    At least she told you she liked the last thing you'd written. That has to be a good memory I would imagine. I'm sorry for your loss (I know this is delayed, but I didn't realize she'd passed away).
    famous beagle

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    She never got in too deep with stuff I was recording and all that...but always liked when I played and sang at the piano, something I used to do at length in my younger days, just sit and play and sing along for hours.

    The song I wrote is about the end of something, the moment of separation between people, but it has nothing to do with even though my mom didn't really listen to the lyrics, she just heard the music from a distance...the song was kind of an eerie prediction, and now it's forever connected to her, even though it wasn't about her at all. Every time I play it...I think of that moment when she came by and said she liked it.

    I don't know...maybe there was some subconscious thing going on that made me write a sad song like that...I kinda new for a few months that she was fading, so my own mood was not a happy one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by famous beagle View Post
    I'm sorry for your loss (I know this is delayed, but I didn't realize she'd passed away).
    +1 to that. Sorry to hear this, Miro.
    It's certainly nice to have memories like that.

    My Grandfather was always commenting that I should sing more. I can sing but I'm not a know what I mean, so I never really did anything.
    He liked old traditional hymns and I couldn't see myself pulling that off.

    Last year I stumbled upon some old (50s?) recordings - a wrecked up 1/4" reel of his Father, Brother, and Sister, singing Silent night one Christmas.
    Terrible recording (but a lovely memory) so I did a sort of fade across where the original recording got verse one, then I subtly joined them for verse 2, gradually adding bass, and piano,
    before finally removing them and having a modern mix that's all me for the last verse.
    Tough enough old man - Wouldn't be one for getting emotional, you know? Took him months to get the lump from his throat even to acknowledge it!
    He died not long after that, fairly suddenly.
    I'm glad I have that memory rather than wishing I'd done something for him.
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