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  • Hello Steenamaroo.
    All is explained here: Engineering Paradise the Musical Open Source Project
    I've been joined by singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Andrew Richardson, who is very talented but very busy, and helps when free.
    Most of the songs exist only as lyrics, so need melodies as well as singing, if that appeals? Also do you play an instrument?
    The Soundcloud channel ( ) will show what we're up to. I intended more simplicity that Andrew has provided, but performers will do their own versions of the songs anyway to fit the resources available. The important thing is a good melody for each song – something attractive, memorable and in the right mood. 'Sounds' and performances matter a lot less.
    Please download the script and the lyrics to see what song(s) appeal, and email first so that I can let you know roughly what I have in mind. It's important to communicate. My email is:
    Thanks again.
    "I think we've crossed paths before on eBay maybe? Your name is familiar."

    It's possible but I don't think so.
    I seem to have posted a thread in the wrong forum, in the "MP3 mixing" forum, and the thread is called "cover of Ed Sheeran's make it rain", and I'm having trouble deleting it. May I have some help?
    Show me one time where I slandered him, outside of responding to his criticism of me because I didn't meet his timetable of 'thank yous'?
    I want to reply, but you ended the conversation so gracefully, so I'm doing it here, haha. Sense is made when Savannah's on the case. I'm used to seeing "monopolize" spelled with a "z", so I didn't even notice. I'm glad that you went for that extra 10% and explained yourself, haha.
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