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  • Hello! Hope you’re well. I just got a NOS audio Technica RMX64. Believe it or not it’s in a new box and has never been used. Sounds similar to yours. Wondering if we could chat a little about your experience with the machine? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    Hey man! Thanks for posting on my thread. I wanted to ask you how I would connect my mic preamp to my Fostex a8 to my future mixer. I’m working on getting a Tascam m308. How would I hook that up? I know I must sound like a broken record. I’m just not getting the hang of this yet. I can also get a Tascam 1516. I just wanted to make sure the Tascam m308 would work. I want to record each instrument individuallly. To my 8 track first. Then mix everything after. Then I guess get a stereo 2 track recorder at the end.
    Hey, I just realized that I posted a message on MY profile instead of yours...

    Thanks for checking out some of my other stuff! I really appreciate it :)
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