when track one records onto track two

Let it Bleed (Sorry-had to homage the Stones)

I have been using Audobe Audition 1.5 for about 2 years, and I have always selcted the input I am gonna use from the windows mixer menu..."recording control"......I have never noticed anything but minimal bleed at worst. This seems to be related to the volume level to me. Maybe I'm just lucky?
mute all tracks before recording.(especially the drum track if its not used for intro.) thats where the bleed comes from, mainly the track your'e playing while recording. just leave a track that has the standard meter of the song for you to sing with and then set it to a low volume. use headphones when recording to avoid ambient bleed from the speakers to the mic. then use the noise reduction. but not much coz too much use of noise reduction might alter or if worse comes to worst, destroy your track. and for safety, after recording your raw tracks, save it on a cd or a separate folder so you wont have problems retracking if ever you've destroyed your track
Here is my related problem. I have the Lexicon Lambda into my system, it is a quad core Windows 7 computer, I am also using Adobe Audition 3. I cannot record vocals into track 2 without the music from track 1 recording into it as well. With the Lexicon Lambda the i/o are not the same as the Windows ones. But I need the Lambda interface for midi as well as mic and line in inputs. So how do I separate all of these things to isolate the track I want to record while still listening to the music from track 1?

Thank You for any help you may have for me!
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I have a pretty decent soundcard (Not as good as I'd like) and I get a slight quiet bleed over as well.

Is this something that only happens in cooledit or would it be different in a program say like pro tools?