What video editing software do you use?


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Bad juju's, man, stealing is fucked up. The site has a no-piracy policy. It doesn't allow people to share cracks or warez or advocate the use of them. Maybe you can edit your post to remove the reference. Hopefully, you won't get banned.

Looking for free stuff?? Both Mac and Windows operating systems comes with basic video editors. You can do a lot with what is offered.


funny that I was just gonna start a thread about this... untill I found it already existed.

I need either suggestions for good free editing video software or a way to *ahem* crack sony Vegas.

(pm me if you know a propper way to crack Sony Vegas 10, I just can't find a way to do it) :D

Here's what you do. Get a 24 ounce framing hammer, place your left hand on your desk and with your right hand swing the hammer down hard on your left hand. It may take three or four good whacks with the hammer. If that doesn't do it repeat until you get the desired result. Particularly difficult cases may require resorting to a 32oz shot filled mallet.


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alright such a reply was requested... I was kinda asking for it

Anywho, lets get back to the free software part. I really liked Sony Vegas (I used the trial)... but no way I could ever afford to pay the actuall software.

You mention basic video editors, problem is those can only do less than 1% of what a real video editing software can do.

I mean CMON! there must be some free software that's really similar to Sony Vegas but it's not Sony Vegas... or anything at all... with a slight professional level...

Wax for instance - http://www.debugmode.com/wax/download.htm


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alright such a reply was requested... I was kinda asking for it

COOOOooooool. Thnx.

There is a cheaper version of Vegas, less than $100USD that is extremely capable. Is that still too much? I understand you're in Portugal, so maybe imports are expensive or something.

Here's the version I use. I doubt I could ever want any feature this doesn't have. Ok, maybe I'll want to experiment with 3D in 5 or 6 years.... :)

Amazon.com: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Suite: Windows: Software

and you could probably find it even cheaper, maybe on ebay.

also, try Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com I found a youtube video editor on there.

Youtube Movie Maker - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com

good luck.


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Wax looks like a cheap roughly made version of Sony Vegas... but it's free so I can't complain.

The youtube movie maker... I don't think that has any effects or anything... but looks good if you want to add subtitles or smth... can't find much info on how to use it, besides the one on the program.

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I've been using Vegas for a while, and have found it to work really well.

I recently got an HD 3MOS camera, and then discovered that my version of Vegas doesn't support its mt2s files. So I had to go through the rigmarole of converting them to avi via the Panasonic HDwriter

So I downloaded Vegas 11 . . . but it wouldn't install because I didn't have XP Service Pack 3
So I downloaded that.

So now

Vegas 11 works a treat. Vegas grabs the mt2s files with no problem. It's all so easy!!


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Just picked up final cut pro HD this year (an older version on ebay)...

Still haven't wrapped my head around even a fraction of what can be done with it.