What quality of electric guitar to use into audio interface.


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I find that the different transient/sustain traits of bass and kick tend to keep them from interfering too much. It's really only a problem when the kick has a lot of sustain. I really like it when they meld into one sound, with the kick providing the thump and the bass providing the note...

I really like the kick's thump to enhance the bass for a tight, punchy sound.


interesting !.. so in a way, you are suggesting that using a DAW, i would be wasting my money with an expensive guitar..
I've never read any discussions on how good a DAW SOUNDS !!!!!. They all only discuss functionality.....
Kind of interesting...
I wonder if anyone has created a song in GarageBand, Cubase, Logic Pro and found the guitar sounded better in one more than the other ?
Yes. And I'm also saying that your Guild IS an expensive guitar. So you're in good shape. Just plug it in and let 'er rip!

A digital audio workstation (DAW) is for making professional recordings — if you want to record digitally, which is what almost all artists do now. (Some don't. Government Mule comes to mind.)

The industry standard is Pro Tools. But most of the others sound just as good. I don't know much about them. I've only used Pro Tools a couple of times, and it worked fine. People say that Reaper is easy to use. Audacity if free, and folks seem to like it. Garage Band doesn't record as many samples per second as most of the others, so I'd avoid that.
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