What do you do with your music?


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Recording has just been a hobby for me. I've played music for over 50 years, and would have loved to have recorded thing when I was younger but the equipment and finances made that impossible. Now, I do it for fun. Most of my recordings have been live events, and are shared with friends on either dropbox or Youtube. For the personal stuff, most of it will only be heard by a few select people, like a couple of birthday songs that I wrote and recorded for a friend a few years back. She's the only one who has copies other than me. They've probably only been heard by a half dozen people at the most.

Its the tinkering, adjusting and learning that entertains me.


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It's really up to you man. I post mine on spotify, soundcloud and youtube but I prefer soundcloud and youtube so I can see peoples comments. It's really the only way I'll know if the public (the internet) actually enjoy my music.

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DistroKid is awesome! I have a discount code if anyone is interested.

Also if you are ready to take music seriously there are a lot of things you can start to do.. unfortunately you need to plan and execute.

Not sure how serious you are but over the years I have accumulated the contact information for 100's of promotional channels and labels. I have also managed artists myself so let me know if you have any Q's

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I have earned my living playing for 50+ years and still do maybe 300 gigs a year ( on hiatus at the moment of course but they'll be back soon ).

Playing live is what I live for so recording, which I have also done for that 50 years is for fun.
Very many of my recordings are only heard by me ...... I'll get an idea .. wonder what that'll sound like and record it.
I don't tend to care if anyone hears them.

I have compared it to a painter who's driven to paint and when he finishes one, he throws it in the corner and starts another one.
He's not painting to achieve fame or get kudos .... he's painting for its own sake.
That's me with regard to recording.

I make a fairly decent living as a player so I relax and entertain myself by recording.