What can you say about this drummer?



Man that due can really motor!!! :)

Well, I don't know about that. He might not have an alcohol problem. But I'm pretty sure he's addicted to gasoline, and that's a really hard habit to kik. :eek:


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And the damn fools still can't stay on the beat because they're just too impressed with their own string work (and of course, they'll blame the drummer, er, tractor).


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That microphone must of taken a beating.

But don't you know that girls just love tractors, they think they are soooooo sexy!


If only for a moment.....
How many tractors does it take to change a lightbulb ?

I remember some years back, I was the driver for a printing firm and when I'd be waiting for orders to take out, I'd be reading but my ear would often catch the sound of the printers.......they were so rhythmic and I planned to take my recording gear there and just get 20 minutes of sounds and build them into some song. I never did get round to it. But 'found sounds' aren't new and they wear thin after a while.

The tractor is a one trick pony ! :D


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I just thought it was funny as all Hell. Of course the tractor won't 'swing' or have dynamics. Still, for one song you'd be talking about it for days after. I guess if it threw a rod it could still 'play', and be considered a crazy solo.