total noob with an Android phone


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Some here might have read my posts in other places where I "appear" quite intelligent?

Do not be fooled. I have just bought a Sony Xperia 10 phone and am struggling but that is something I shall have to practice with. My main request is for a DAW (free if poss, jus playin') for Android and any other audio related software I can get.

Dave (aka "sausage fingers")


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struggling but addiction dependency follows.

free guitar tuner, free db meters, free stopwatches, free clock and calender, free audio player, free camera, free video camera, free Audio recorder....

all included with the "phone".

I just got a new one and find its larger screen doesn't allow me to "sausage finger" the touch screen with one hand now.
Voice Recognition instead of typing should help....another free app?

I was just seeing ads for more plug-ins and I thought, I have so many "free" plugins, why would anyone buy and pay for one?

A DAW on the phone? Rough drafts? Isnt the touchscreen too cumbersome? I don't see the need for a DAW in the hand-held?
Whats the plan?