The Official BOSS BR-800 Thread

Hi, not been here for a while. I have just got a new Apple Mac High Sierra. I need to install Mac USB drivers to work Garageband. Where can I get this...also, is this all I need to get to start GB? thanks . Ian
Hi, not been here for a while. I have just got a new Apple Mac High Sierra. I need to install Mac USB drivers to work Garageband. Where can I get this...also, is this all I need to get to start GB? thanks . Ian

Hi, Ian.

I don't use any of that gear, so I just looked around for some info. There was no mention of USB drivers required to use
Garageband. If it came preinstalled on your Mac, you probably just need to locate it's icon in whatever area it's hiding,
then click it to get it started. If you downloaded it - the same... unless it installed itself in some other area, and
you'll need to look around for it. Might need to move a few things to their proper folders - I can't help with that.

If you're also using an external audio interface to connect mics and instruments to record and/or listen with, then that
should probably require the USB driver. Are you using one of those?

I can't help you much, just with what I dug up there. Someone here using a Mac will probably jump in here and clear it up.
Thanks for that,. I should have posted a better explanation. I have GB on my Mac. I comes up no problem. But when I connect my BR 800...there is nothing to show the computer that the machine has connected.Any Mac folk out there?
PS I have the original DVD with the driver for Mac OS X. I don't know if this will work on my brand new Mac.
You can install the driver you have onto your Mac, and if that doesn't work you can get a new one H E R E

That page will also guide you through setting up the BR-800 - but you must have the driver installed first.
The BR800 is USB2 Audio Class compliant. It doesn't need drivers on the Mac, or Linux.

It is also a recorder. As an interface, it will only allow 2 channels in and 2 channels out. At least, that's what my failing memory tells me.

You just need to select it in System Preferences/Sound. If MIDI is involved, you might also need to set it up in Utilities/Audio Midi setup.

I don't remember if the recorder's internal storage mounts as a disc on the desktop. I think you can find that in the manual.
Tried sound. Have installed drivers. Maybe need to get one of the simple plug in type of interface. Thanks anyway Ian
Im using pre sonus studio one 4. I dont like the audibox 2. I like the sound of acoustic through the boss br800. Is it easy to just set it up as my interface for daw.

---------- Update ----------

Im using pre sonus studio one 4. I dont like the audibox 2. I like the sound of acoustic through the boss br800. Is it easy to just set it up as my interface for daw.
So in order for me to utilize a 3/4 pattern that I previously created for one song in a different song, I have to re-create it from scratch and re-write it to the BR-800? (Is that really how bad the design is?)

Is there any way for me to at least copy it over without re-creating it note by note?

Copy the song instead of creating a new one. Rename the copy. Erase all the audio tracks. Now you'll have access to the previous drum tracks. Every time you start a new song, repeat the steps above and you'll have access to all your drum patterns until you run out of empty user patterns; when that happens, create a new song and start from scratch, or erase patterns to free up space. Your previous songs will still have the patterns erased in the current song.

Hey All,

New BR-800 users here.

I have 2 synths plugged into Input 1 and Input 2.

Is there a way for me to split those signals send them seperatly to my DAW?

I see that have a Left and Right channel on my PC.

Thanks in advance!
BR 800 wav files

I want to use a wav file and record vocals on top of it. I have the following questions:
1. Where do I save the wav file?
2. How do I send the wav file to my faders so I can combine them with my vocals?

Other recorders let me use the wav file as an input to faders but I don't see how to do this on the BR800. Do I save it in the bro folder or the sketch folder or neither?

Hi I am new to this site and new to the BR800 albeit I have use the Micro BR previously so I really like the Boss products. I’m learning in the job and already enjoying some of the features and functionality. I had a quick question regarding recording noise and wondered if someone could help or share a view? Having created a track which has been mastered onto a V1 track, the second of two mixes, the song sounds good but there is a little noise at the starting measures before the music starts. What is the best and easiest way to clean this up? Thanks all hope you can help. It’s a pleasure to be part of the group! Thanks
I have a problem with loop mode. I can't get stabile length of the loop as soon as I record something. There is a very short pause between end and next start of the loop what generates delay in restart of the loop. It makes impossible to work with this gear live. Please let me know how can I fix it. Thanks in advance.
USING the BR-800 as a LIVE MIXER

I'd love to hear about your experience with using the BR-800 live for prerecorded backing tracks and live vocals:

1. Mic into BR-800, RCA outs to powered speakers (backing trax/voice)

2. Mic into house mixer; BR-800 RCA outs to house mixer (backing trax only, house voice effects)

Have you tried this?
Erase the track from measure one to the start of the track. If erasing measures won't due, erase by time; if that doesn't get close enough you'll have to use the scrub mode to get closer resolution.
I'm having a problem with the BR-800 as an audio interface into Ableton Live 10.

The BR is set up for 4 mic input and USB connection set to "Control Surface "

Ableton doesn't see 4 separate tracks however. Instead it only sees a stereo 1/2 input. Input Configuration in Ableton doesn't allow selection of 4 separate track inputs.

Is this an ASIO driver problem? Do Ableton and the BR800 just not work together well?

Thanks very much.
For serious studio work, probably not every demanding user will be suitable, if only because the digitization in this Boss is not of the highest quality. At the same time, portable devices support only 16-bit recording, while professional comrades write 24 bits and more. As a standard, this boss encodes the stream in its own compression (HiFi (MT2) Roland/BOSS original format), which, no matter how spinning, means certain losses.
But that's all in terms of professional recording. For home, for family, it's a very, very good option. With a careful study of all its features and the right approach, you can make on it just wonderful, quite decent sounding discs. It has good effects, including guitar, user-friendly interface. Of course, I wouldn't edit the tracks, let alone make them.
Hey im new here i can post some only a few times till i move on to the zoom department im making the switch seems zoom had features i had not touched. Ie controlling drums. Im selling my zoom next day for a boss br800 on layaway. If the br800 is anything like the br8 pocket unit hooray because i could control rythm better on the br8 better than the zoom r8 rythm. The zoom has other features i have not pursude.
So! What can i expect begining the boss br800?
Hello. I can't get the Repeat Region functionality to work for Exact Interval. I have the menu setting AB QUANTIZE set to ON, but the repeat does not time precisely. Is it something I have missed?