The Internet's Best Recording Resources

Well I am not sure it's one of the best resources,
but there is recording info on this website which I'm developing for aspiring engineers / bands looking to make decent recordings without splashing much cash. In particular, the series Sessions On A Shoestring has had positive feedback from various members here, and I'd hope it's at least helpful to a few more people looking to run their own sessions.

Appologies, the previous link to the Sessions On A Shoestring session has died! This one works though
Man, it is a fine line between help and spam. I know many here have their own agenda (I know I do), but seriously?
Help & spam are often combined in the minds of the advertiser. That's how they managed not to choke when they say "infomercial"
Maybe we have the newer variant known as "ham".
The reason the OP is filtering the posts and putting the ones he determines as helpful on the 1st post is precisely because of that tendency in many folk to sell. sell, sell. There aren't many things in the thread NOT on the 1st post that are worth much.
Man, it is a fine line between help and spam. I know many here have their own agenda (I know I do), but seriously?
Speaking of which. The OP iis not able to edit this thread anymore and he used to come to me to add the links. I'm passing the torch onto you. ;)
I just picked up an ebook called "The hackers guide to drum recording" which has a good chapter on drum tuning.

It's is a wicked resource in general for drum recording. Some of the stuff is kinda advanced for me, but I'm sure I'll get it when I get better at the whole recording thing... The guy that does it also has a blog with reviews and stuff.
I am very thankful for you that you have shared an information that i have been looking for months but the first link is not working.I hope that you would love to share more related to this soon.
Although it was mainly for music production at first, I find that Warbeats is a great site for info about audio production as well. Tons of helpful tutorials with video!
The number 1 resource in my book is this forum. What a forum I stumbled into! Some of the most knowledgeable people in one place that I have ever seen. I wonder if the Admin knew this forum would take on the life of its own like it has.