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Thanks Chili,

Then after the first edit week, if there is still necessary edits. I'll send you a PM and with the updated list. Hopefully we can a good footing before the week is up. :)

I would love an article on the misconceptions of mastering because that is a very common issue with many people entering the forum. And when I have an article up there that says "DIY mastering" it leads to even more confusion. It'd be nice if some more seasoned posters dropped in. :)

Thanks again, Eric
Bump! I could really use some more participation. There's gotta be some more great resources out there!
it would be nice if it did... but people will still come here and expect people to serve them information on a silver platter without them having to do any research of their own...

personally, i read alot here more than i post. i check this site every day and i think having a handy thread like this to refer to is a great idea. i'm bookmarking it so i'll have it easilly whether it gets stickied or not.
Thanks for the additions gang! I added them to the list. Kcearl, yours has been on there :). I actually have put every suggestion up. This is where I want a little help in deciding which should be put up for deletion. An article that I find unhelpful may be a landmine for someone else and vice versa.

The new list should be in the first post in the near future. I hope that we can keep improving the list. Don't think since it's sticky'd, we can't make it better :D
Even so it's a live text book - written for Yamaha by Gary Davis & Ralph Jones" Sound Reinforcement Handbook" - has a lot of valuable information for recordists and should be considered.
I don't have a link but can be found.
You can look at the books table of contents on the site and you'll agree when you see section like microphones,preamp,cabling,frequency response etc. that the information is use full.
This book's content in my early years got me to the point where I'm now with the understanding to the aspect of sound and all it's retributions.
Since my site is already listed here, I hope the mods don't mind if I add an addendum here as well; I have just added a new hyperbook tutorial to the IRN website on "Phase and Polarity". In a similar style as the "Compression Uncompressed" (CU) hyperbook, except with lots more pictures :p that are now also in-line with the text.

Like the CU booklet, it's not an advanced tutorial; I leave most of the math and advanced subjects out of it, but rather more of a basic treatise explaining the fundamentals of what these things are and how they work (and don't work.)

The link to IRN is in my sig graphic.

here are a couple i found useful


really useful for a very basic acoustic understanding.
even basic as it is, it explains the simple science of stuff much clearer than anywhere else i could find surfing.
also plenty of basic info on other topics:
# Speakers
# Horn Systems
# Live Sound
# Cinema Sound
# Digital Sound
# Commercial Sound
# Mixing
# Mics
# Amplifiers
# Guitar Amps
# Valve Amps
# Vinyl

sound on sound just the reviews are fantastic here check it out whenever your looking for mics or interfaces etc...

and has a good home-recording section. it is pretty basic stuff but for total newbies that is a rare gem not to have loads of jargon in the way of the basic info.

hope this is helpful - nice thread
No one has yet mentioned KVR for all your plugin info and a lot of freebie stuff more than you can get in your boots..