That's All I Got - What do you have?

I know this is an old thread, but thought I'd take a quick stab at this. Nothing fancy, tracks are pretty bad, but it works OK for a live sound. Mixed totally ITB in about 30 minutes, so it's not much....


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Yes, I am also aware that this is an old track and I tried that, too:

That's all I got (Wet Mix) :-)

I've used FL Studio and tried to use no sample edit at all and no automation.

I've just used a lot of Fabfilter, Nectar (for the voice), Transients on Bass, Drums and a little bit at the singing voice, Ozone on the Master and EQs. That's it.
No sample had been edited. For example, the 50hz hum on the electric guitar is still there because of this.

I think it sounds quite nice.

But... I did not use a reference track.
I did not use different devices to playback.
And I mixed on my headphones. Even as a beginner. Lol.

What could have been done to improve (by me)

1st level (some more work):

-Using a reference track.
- Playing on different devices (for sure WITH and especially WITHOUT headphones)

2nd level (decent more work):

- Edit the samples (like silencing the parts where the bleed is for no use at all)

3rd level (e.g. Izotope):

- Using functions to debleed. But would have been a lot of work in that case.
- As well as by stereo swapping and readding the signals the bleeding might be separated as well.
Did this a lot in Samplitude Before. But no idea yet how to do this in FL Studio without a lot of extra work.

4th level (cannot justify because of lack of experience):

- Maybe buy Fabfilter MB to be able to steer the bleed differently.

P.S.: Would still be a good practice to learn in the long run to as well include automation after all that. :-)