TEAC A-6010 Analog Recorder


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Hello, I just picked up a TEAC A-6010 RTR recorder but need to know what I should use for microphones ?

Can I use my Shure SM57 dynamic mics with an impedance adapter resulting in the necessary 1/4 inch mono input
plug on the end to connect to the A-6010 ?

My TEAC A-6010 owners manual says INPUT: Microphone: 10,000 ohms ( - 66 dB )

I'm pretty sure that Dynamic mics are the only type of mics that I can use, but this ohm thing has thrown me for a loop ?

Thanks for helping me, Charles


Rick Ruskin
You can use any type of mic as long as an inline low to high impedance matching transformer is just before your mic input. The TEAC doesn't provide 'phantom power so you'll need an outboard 48v supply for condenser mics. FYI - the mic inputs on TEAC machines a not very good. You would be better off using a mixer's mic inputs and sending its outputs to tape machine's line ins.
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Thank You so much for helping me with this. I had the same idea rolling around in the back of my brain, but since I've tried something like this
I thought I better error on the safe side and ask one of you guys what you think.

And yes I have a small mixer that I can make this happen with :)

Stay well, Charles