Tascam Part# PW88AC2

yes they are serial cables, i wonder if what they do is RS-232 to TTL translation or if it is something else. I have an RC848 and i am wondering how to connect it to my TSR8 wihtout using this cable.
Did you find the solution?
If the schematics could be found I am sure some technical person could make the cables again using off the shelf parts. Opto couplers are easy to get but the connectors might be problems. I will PM Jim to see if he can provide. Not that I don't have already too many things to do.
Hi SkywaveTDR
Only if someone want to open the box and upload pictures of original PW-88AC2 cable.
The MSR-24 original remote is very hard to find but there is a lot oc RC-848 remotes on ebay...
Please if someone have cable upload the pictures here?
Gents, I have just managed to find one of these interfaces and will be posting details of circuit and pictures as soon as I am able.