Tascam Part# PW88AC2

A photo and some kind of description may help with the answer? Tascam must have a billion part numbers. Anyway I did a google and it's a ISO cable, is it one of these?

Those cables were used with the Tascam MTS-1000 or ATS 500 synchronizer.They are serial I/O cables,used for the Tascam TSR-8,MSR-16 and 24,644,688,and the 238 models), not parallel I/O as your MS-16 has-They are incompatible with your MS-16
what does the actual cable do ? i connect my MTS100 to my TSR8s with a direct cable and it works fine. Any idea of what eh cable actually does ?
fgonza2, wkrb explained it to me. But because they didn't apply to my set-up, It was lost. Sorry.

Maybe He will chime in. :confused:
yes they are serial cables, i wonder if what they do is RS-232 to TTL translation or if it is something else. I have an RC848 and i am wondering how to connect it to my TSR8 wihtout using this cable.
They have opto-couplers in them to get rid of ground loops that could not be fixed any other way.Functionally the same as the PW 88 cables
I just found out the PW-88AC2 cables were also sold to connect the RC-848,(ext 2 port), to the Accesory 2 connector on Tascam tape decks INCLUDING fgonzo's TSR-8-again to minimize ground loops.
makes sense. Now, is the box on cable connected to a power adapter as well ? there is no power on the ext2 connectors to supply the optocouplers internally. I wonder where the power comes from then.
The input side,(shorter cable),gets +5VDC from pin 10 on the ACC.2 connector on the RC-848.The owner's manual for the RC-848 does not show the +5VDC on pin 10 ,but the service manual schematic shows it.The shorter end of the PW-88AC2 goes to the RC-848,the longer end goes to the tape machine-and the Baud rate should be set to 9600 baud on both the RC-848 and the TSR-8/MSR16/MSR24.


I tried to PM you have you received it?


Nope. Don't have any PMs from you. Good info about the power, yes that is not on the manual. I wonder if on the TSR8 on pin8 there is also power, i will try to measure it see if there is something in there. Nothing according to the schematics.
I second fgonza.

fascinated by this thread. i have been looking for a solution to connect my msr-16s to the 848 for so long, with no luck. looks like it would be possible to make the cable if we knew whats in the box.

Looks to be an expensive cable, jeez...
I have the two. I will sell for $75 ea. + actual shipping. They both have 15 ft. cable one end 1 ft. the other.


Hi Users
I want to buy this cable for Tascam MSR-24
Or does somebody have this to picture what is inside the box?
very strange cable I purchased Tascam RC-848 remote control and than recognised
that PW-88AC2 is not just 15 pin cable...