Tascam MX-80 phantom power solution (first post!)


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Hi all! I'm brand new here!! I have been assembling my home studio for a number of years now, and have always been obsessed with Tascam as a cheap solution. I have used a US16x08 as an interface for around 8 years, without fault. Having nearly shelled out a couple grand for a 388 a number of years ago, but just losing out on the bidding war (damn you eBay), I set sights on cheaper, and more space friendly alternatives. (My wife later bought me a tascam 388 t shirt for my birthday, which was actually a fair consolation.)

Fast forward a few years, I found an MX-80 on ebay the other day for 200 gbp and quickly snapped it up without realising that I would have to supply my own phantom power (doh!). I have plugged it all in today and it works great and sounds even better, but I use a fair few condenser mics in my drum set up so would love to be able to sort a solution to this proprietary 2 prong problem that I'm faced with. I have seen a post on here from sweetbeats in 2010 where they mentioned about their solution to this in a lengthy post about a rehaul of this unit, but I'm a big dumb dumb stupid boy so would love specific help if anyone has the time. I would have reached out to sweetbeats regarding this myself, but cant seem to understand how to do so on this forum (like I say, I'm new here!!!), so hoping they show up to save the day.

Thanks in advance folks
I suppose I should have actually just revived that old thread instead of posting this one of my own, but like I said, big dumb dumb stupid boy :facepalm:
Hi. No, new threads specific to your issue are better than it being buried in one of my dinosauric diatribes. Let me review what I did and follow up.