Tascam 788, Pushbuttons intermittent, Any way to "clean"

IAMSET, I doubt seriously that you'll get a response. The poster hasn't been on the forum for 2 years, and only posted 2 messages. You might have better luck hearing from user Sweetbeats. He has worked extensively on Tascam equipment.

BTW if you want to know if someone is active, just put your pointer over the person's name on the left and a window should pop up to show when they joined, when they were last online, and if how many posts they have made.
Thanks for taking the time to post that. I was trying to contact 70sretroguy because he talked about 788 disassembly (like he had done it) and per your suggestion checked Sweetbeats posts but no mention of the 788 there, and skywave has said he hasn't worked on a 788. I might try a private post to Sweebeats just in case he has worked on a 788 but never posted about it. Thanks again, Set
The spraying from outside technique described above didn't work for me. So I disassembled my 788. Here is a thread all about that process: https://homerecording.com/bbs/threads/tascam-788-portastudio-disassembly.420975/ In a nutshell, I disassembled my 788, and after testing my problem switches when pressed directly for continuity, all good (so the switches themselves were fine), and then directly pressing them with power on to see if they did what they should do in terms of the 788's operation, which they did do, it seemed like the plastic button to switch contact was likely the culprit. So I especially tightened the pcb to the front case (that holds the plastic buttons) screws in the vicinity of the problem switches, and then did the same with the screws attaching the two halves of the 788 together - end result those switches are working well, tho not perfectly, but more than good enough for now at least. Perhaps another solution would be to somehow build up the portion of the plastic buttons where they hit the switch so as to broaden and extend the 'sweet spot' - dunno.
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