Sticky Shed Help Thread

Blue Jinn

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So I'm just starting out, see my VERY brief post in the Newbies thread... I got 2-3 unused reels with my Pioneer RT-707 and looking for guidance whether to bake or use or sell or what... They all are 7" :
Ampex 456
Redwood City address
Cellophane shrink-wrap, no apparent puncture / cut / tear / etc.

I believe I read somewhere you must tear into the 7" to locate a date code...

Any suggestions?
What does the box look like? If the Ampex logo is in the middle it’s bad.

Blue Jinn

Rider of the ARPocalypse
I wouldn't call this logo "in the middle" but maybe you would?
That's an even older box. It's most likely sticky. I've had a lot of pre-1994 Ampex and it's all bad. In fact, I got a good deal on a Fostex A8, because the guy thought the transport was jacked, it was sticky tape. New 1/4" tape is available. You have several choices that will be close to 456. Check out


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Why is my tape sticky ONLY in one direction the (>) forward direction. The play of the B side (reverse) from the take up reel works great. The play gets weird about 2/3 thru the 1800' tape and on fast forward stops dead near the end. Sony PR-150 recording tape, Teac A-4010-SL, a single capstan machine.
Freeze the tape? In the box or not. In ziplock bag or not. An hour in the freezer or overnight?