Some Kontakt bargains

Two free (or nearly so), Kontakt Player scoring pianos:

$5 bandwidth donation:

BTW: A good users' listing of freebies:

Here are some Kontakt deals I came across that are flying under the radar of some other library watchdogs:

Q Up Arts, good people to deal with, is having a sale with Kontakt libraries reduced up to 80% and you can get an additional 22% of by using the code Namm22 during checkout.

I just happened to revisit this developer's website and saw his, inexplicably, one-and-only Kontakt (Player) library, Transport, on sale for less than with other vendors. This library has a number of killer tricks and goodies. You'll be offered a 15% coupon off your first purchase during checkout to sign up for the newsletter, so you can get Transport for $68.

Replika Sound is planning to upgrade their Kontakt5 libraries to K6 versions. The K5 versions are all on sale for $10 each and ". . . you will be eligible for massively discounted upgrades by buying these K5 Instruments now."

Puremagnetik has 80%-off for a bundle of four Korg libraries, three Kontakt and one Ableton, on sale for $10 through 5/30.

Cinematic Alpha still has deep discounts going on for all the Kontakt libraries, including the newest Door Of Time Future and Motus, until the end of May. Now, no coupon codes are needed and other interesting things going on at the website.

Zero-G's Sahara Beats is being introduced with a 20% discount but also with a choice of two free libraries (from a selection of 15). aLSO, I know that Sample Library Review mentioned these previously and recently but I also wanted to throw in thanks and thumbs up to Sam Spacey and Zero-G for the upgrades to Epica and Phaedra, which are provided free to original purchasers. The originals are still killer and the new GUIs add to each, especially Phaedra. You can get lost in time tweaking a single patch in either one of these libraries, in the original or updated versions.

Here's three that are flying under the radar:

Eight free small AtomHub libraries (go to page 3):

If you're looking for a deal on a Mellotron library, this one's a hard deal to beat:
Also to note when you're using this library: The backend (spanner) is not locked, so you can tweak things without having the GUI disappear. I've adjusted attacks (for "phlegato"), stretched samples to match displayed (blue) key ranges with no issues. Note that, if you want to access the arp/sequencer/etc without locking out the GUI, you should use an Empty tab in the Script Editor display/button (I leave the newly-created arp in the Script Editor display/button "on" when I exit the back end so I can just click on the spanner to have the arp screen immediately display). Also note that, whenever you make tweaks in the back end, you may not get a "Really replace?" message with a subsequent nki Drag'N'Drop onto the GUI.

If you were a fan or user of BigWerks Kontakt libraries, there used to be a number of Soundshaperzkitz libraries available on the BigWerks website. The previously-hosted Soundshaperzkitz libraries are being sold along with their newer libraries in a Kontakt bundle (20 total libraries) for $20 at:
(The above site is from an official SoundShaperzKitz email)

Also, original BigWerks libraries are still available and some of them are even currently on sale for $9---and the Fluoresce library is free:
N.B.: If you also go for the free Werkaholic library and you're getting missing sample messages and the GUI is not displaying properly:
(1) Move the [Resources] folder in the [Instruments] folder up one level into the main [WerkAholic Kontakt Library (including Scripts)] folder. This should fix the GUI issue
(2) Do a batch save, selecting the [WerkAholic Kontakt Library (including Scripts)] folder both times (if necessary).

Here are some current licensed free offerings for the free Kontakt Player (I didn't include some older classic offerings like Embertone's Arcade or Sennheiser's drum kit):

Native Instruments (a few Kontakt Player libraries, and more):

Project SAM (orchestral library):

Evolution (buy/put it in the cart):

Sonokinetic (Use the "Free" or "Claim . . . HERE" button to put them in the cart):

Heavyocity (Four instrument freebies, so far):

Impact Soundworks (unusually prepared piano):

Soniccouture (Five free libraries):

Keepforest (Ferrum Free)

Strezov Sampling (Creative ToolboX: Drums & Percussion is new):


Edit 12/22/22: Just added five more from Cinesamples to the list, above:
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