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For the next seven days or so, "The Morpheus," for ~$20, contains a variety of 350 categorized patches, some stunning and many surprising, especially in the arpeggio and vocals folders. The arpeggiator has some useful features, especially the reading and hold functions, which allow you to alter that machine-gun response inherent in arpeggiators.
70% off The Morpheus by Xclusive-Audio

Speaking of vocal patches, Sampletraxx has Stigma on sale this week for 9€ (~$10), which has a lot of unusual (but useful) choir/vocal patches. They also have Sinedust for free on their website. As with any SampleTraxx package, make sure you are set for wider-than-usual dynamic ranges in the patches (i.e., be prepared to lower your Kontakt output).
STIGMA – Vocal Textures • Atmospheres • Drones | SampleTraxx

For the next 7 days, three TrueKeys pianos (Steinway, Fazioli, and Bechstein grands), for $100: I don't know anything about these outside of reviews I've read.

Mostly for the full, updated version of Kontakt 5. Kontakt Player versions need to be noted as such.
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From now through 2-10: Synferno for ~$22. This is like a good-sounding stem library, similar to Ambiloop, but with the option to change/randomize each/any/all of the four individual parts. A lot of fun, quickly generates fresh approaches. I paid more than this sale price but I have absolutely no complaints. Runs best with at least 4GB and ASIO minimums (may not run without at least 4GB).

Frankly, I'm waiting for Valentine's and Presidents Day sales, but these are out there now (YouTube videos available on all of these):

Another bargain priced Photosynthesis-interfaced "cinematic" (yawn) library but it does offer some variety and melodic patches. There were a couple patches that will catch your eartention (~$21). Not as varied or as loaded as the same-priced previous buzz offering (The Morpheus).
70% off Primal by Sonixinema

A 28-patch ambient library that concentrates more on the instrument/melodic side (~$30):
Dream Guitars - Ambient and Cinematic Guitars Dream Audio Tools ? Sample Libraries

Vesper from Audifier ($59). Here's a Kontakt synth with a different approach to presets: Who needs factory presets? Randomly generate your own, from 155 (135+20; layers+tails) "sound sources." I personally like synth/libraries with randomization, and Vesper, since it's a main feature, implements it well.This one comes from the maker of the SEQui2R synths/expansions, so you can expect quality sounds, unusual features, serious sequencing/arpeggiation control, good support, and upgrade pricing and considerations. Audiofier instruments represent good quality and value. I get the impression that this is going to be the first in a series of complementary instruments. Note that Audiofier instruments can go on deeper third-party (like VSTbuzz) discounts than the one currently offered. - VESPER

AutoDaFe (love that name) is offering DRM32, an unusual drum machine, for ~$22. 32 kits from various drum machines and synths. The individual components of kits can be selected and used to form custom kits. Each component has a lot of individual front-panel adjustments for transients, filter, cutoff, resonance, distortion and reverb. Simple, with a lot of flexibility and not expensive.

AphelionV2 has a free update and a free additional set of patches.
Particular, Sound Programming and Sound design,

Versillian is offering free updates for VCO2 and the free option to use your VCO2 orchestra as a Kontakt Factory ("Powered by Kontakk") Library. is offering the Embertone Intimate Strings Solo Bundle (Leonid Bass, Blakus Cello, Fischer Viola, and Friedlander Violin) for $200. Excellent sounding and playing solo strings, for as low a price as I can recall (60% discount).. These instruments will work in the Free Kontakt Player.

You also get a $25 Embertone gift certificate, and there are a number of instruments that this could purchase outright (I do love the Tomato Paste Kalimba, The Chapman & the Mouth Trumpet, all of their flutes and recorders, and the Jug Drums).

From AutoDaFe:
"I have just re-released G&S Custom Works 2.0.
This library (originally release in 2005) contains 2 Acoustic Drum Kits. This new and improved version adds additional features to this wonderful FREE kit.
Get it HERE, it's FREE (donations welcome): "
G&S Custom Work Drum Kits for Kontakt 2.0 -

. . . and, of course, the Cassetto Group Buy (select 10 bonus products) is still available (but who knows for how long). I ended up with 18 Kontakt libraries/instruments with this one for $15 (see my other post).
Cassetto for Kontakt 5 + 10 Free Products | Homegrown Sounds

Zero-G has a 50% off deal ($35) for today (until 2-21 noon EST) on Formation (Use code FRM50 at checkout). Not just another (yawn) ambient library. Many of the patches have a melodic component, or at least can be played as pitches. This one has the ability to quickly generate and tweak new sounds from factory patches (~250) and a very flexible arppegiator (actually, eight of them). The controls are very effective and can generate startlingly different sounds without even adjusting the enevelopes.
Zero-G download: FORMATION - Formant Sound Creator (Kontakt instrument)

This week, Sampletraxx is offering their not-run-of-the-mill choir/voice library, Voices Of The Ages, for a sale price of ~$10. BTW: If you previously purchased this when it was samples only, use the link to get the added Kontakt (nki) patches.
Voices of the Ages – Designed Vocals and Phrases | SampleTraxx

Today, AudioImperia has 33% off all Paul Ortiz products (Terraform, Dark Dimensions, Event Horizon). Not inexpensive, but if you had an interest in any of these:

Ian Boddy's Odyssey bundle (8 separate libraries, 2200 Kontakt patches). Also contains other sample and sampler formats (Acidized WAV, Apple Loops, REX loop, EX24 & NN-XT patches). Only available for 48 hours… 65% OFF( $40, normally $114) Use coupon code "OD65" at checkout. Offer ends at 09.00 am (PST) Monday, 27 February.
Zero-G download: ODYSSEY - A JOURNEY IN SOUND DESIGN by Ian Boddy (WAV, ACID, Kontakt, EXS24, REX, Reason NN-XT, Apple Loops)

The "entire" Audiomodern catalog is available at for $100 (10 Kontakt libraries/instruments, plus additional samples, synth patches, Ableton Live packages). In general, I wouldn't associate Audiomodern's sound approach with sunshine and bluebirds, but their sound quality is edgy and good.

VSTbuzz, besides the B-5 organ library ($50) has ZapZorn's Solstice Bundle (Solstice Blue, Solstice Green). Nice sounds, featuring ramdomization (~$47).
70% off "The Zapzorn Solstice Bundle" by Zapzorn

Audiofier is also offering deals on Audiofier's Vesper (REALLY emphasizing randomization) and SEQui2R EX, the complete (all four expansions) SEQui2R upgrade, with various upgrade/crossgrade deals (scroll down to "Way To Buy"). These two Kontakt synths are worth more than they are charging. - SEQui2R EX Expansions - VESPER

HomeGrown Sounds has added "Cassetto Bootlegs" for every Kosmology library to their repetoire. Generally $5 per version, a different version is needed for each version of Kosmology (8 available). Bootlegs allow you to add a fifth instrument/interface (along with Kosmology, Kosmology Lite, Multiverse and Metropolis) sharing/utilizing a Kosmology library.
. . . and while we're on the subject of Cassetto, notice has been given that the Cassetto Group Buy will definitely soon be closed. If you own Kontakt, this may the biggest snooze you commit in years. I ended up with Cassetto, every version of Kosmology, nine additional Kontakt libraries (18 Kontakt instruments/libraries, total), and a turdload of sample libraries for $15---not to mention feature upgrades and wonderful support. On this one, if Ya Snooze, Ya Lose. Bigtime.
Download the free Kosmology library (Freefall) at HGS and see what randomization and step-sequencing can really be like.

KotaktHub is offering Resona, a basic ambient library with a minimalistic interface and with about 150 (unadvertised) patches, and a nice trick or two in the arpeggiator and morphing departments, is available for ~$16.

Here's a YouTube video that can keep you updated with some major Kontakt library/instrument offers and links to the vendors, and will keep my posts shorter in the future:

I know---another "cinematic" library. Epic Horizons is available from Zero-G for $40 (62% off), and it contains a lot of complex sounds and also has (30) construction kits. One very nice thing about shopping Zero-G is that you have access to a lot of detailed info about the product before you buy. Offer ends at 09.00 am (PST) Tuesday 28*February. Use code EH62 at checkout


P.S.: Even though there is no special instrument/interface for this library (patches appear as a standard sample module; all editing done through the standard Kontakt interface tabs), the patches ending in -ALL actually behave like construction kits for everything with a similar name. For example, there are 32 individual Glitch patches but if you load the Glitch-ALL.nki patch all 32 glitch patches will be mapped to a group of contiguous keys, like a construction set. The 30 construction sets do the same thing with the exception that the first key will play a long sample that is composed of all the other samples in the construction set. So, in effect, you have an additional 60 or so construction-kit type patches.
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First off, a big shoutout to BestService for solving an authorization issue and comping me a UVI library for any inconvenience caused; NI for addressing it and pointing me in the right direction; and KontaktHub for quick customer service and solutions.

Some interesting things have come out by SampleLogic and Sonokinetic but here are some bargains for things not here: On Sale Now ? Deals for the week of February 24, 2017 - Sample Library Review

Dark Skies for $30 at Zero-G. Use coupon code "DS70" at the Download Shop checkout. Offer ends at 09.00 am (PST) Saturday morning, 4 March. Well-known and reviewed. Don't go after this one for melodic content. If you missed the sale for Epic Horizonss (see previous post and commentary), Dark Skies is a predecessor and, at $30, it is a real bargain for the darker cinematic sounds.
Zero-G download: Dark Skies - Cinematic Ambiences (WAV, ACID, Kontakt, EXS24, Reason NN-XT, Apple Loops)

New AtomHub offerings at KontaktHub. Also, a randomizing drum/melody machine, a new ehnic library, and, if you're a fan of arcane, unusual, historic synth recreations for Kontakt, there's a recently acquired vendor who specializes in them.

RAST Sound has a new Kemenche library, intro price ~$22:

AcustiX has a small introductory discount Soundtrack Winds, intro priced at $40. They have a very different approach to their concert instruments. The better your controller, the better this library will sound/play.

OMG---this one is huge. I don't want to post things that are going to end up on On Sale Now, Deals for the week of March 9, 2017 - Sample Library Review , but these three packages are more than just string orchestras with articulations. The ChairSelections, Divisi, Chord/Scale, and PatternMaker/Arpeggiators, among others, make this a monstrous deal. Looks like a deal that will definitely, again, make you really glad you own Kontakt.($100!).

For those of you who have been wanting Chromaphone and/or other AAS instruments/expansions, NI has a pair of good sign-on celebration bundle deals that might interest you (every instrument for $200; every expansion for $100). Until 3/12.

SoundEthers has a bundle offer of four of it's commercial Kontakt libraries (all except Spaces1.1 and the free Freefall) for ~$23 at KontaktHub. Often generated from field recordings, they can have a distinctively hauntic realistic edge. They use the Photosynthesis engine and they often make use of the multiple layer feature.

And if you're looking for Kontakt percussion, this is a good time at VSTbuzz: Auddict's Drums Of The Deep (~$37) and Stigmatized Productions' Stigmatized Drummer ($16).
75% off ?Drums of the Deep? by Auddict

HelloSamples has their fourth Kontakt SnakPak out, based on "Wild Water Percussions", for $11.50 (under $10 with the code SP4OMI until 3/13). These SnakPak libraries come with a pad-style instrument interface and are more versatile than the price would suggest.

The Alpine Project has released their new free flute library.

Kudo to the NI programming/development staff for solving another library issue with FableSounds' Broadway Lites while FableSounds is off-line and incommunicado. This worked great for me:
"Thank you for your patience. One of our developers was able to provide the NICNT file for your library, that Kontakt seems to be requesting. Please download the attached file named "", and double-click it to unzip it. Place the file named "Broadway Lites.nicnt" into your main Broadway Lites Library Folder, then try to load the library again. When Kontakt requests the NICNT File, simply point Kontakt to the ".nicnt file".*
Please get in touch if you need more help.
Best regards,
Rocky @ NI"

Again. I'm trying not to duplicate the information at On Sale Now, Deals for the week of March 9, 2017 - Sample Library Review or the KVR Newsletter for some current Kontakt gems and bargains, and I have no fiscal, compensatory or professional ties with any vendors mentioned. I just enjoy using a good Kontakt library/instrument, especially if and when I can obtain it at a bargain price.

Urban Symphony and Urban Definition (WAV, ACID, REX, Kontakt, EXS24, HALion, Reason NN-XT, Apple Loops) are each available for $20 (70% discount) at Zero-G. The offer ends at 9.00 am (PST) Monday, 3-13; Use discount code URB70 at checkout.
Urban Symphony has 55 nki files. 666 Orchestral Phrases are arranged two ways in the nki files: 27 Groups of 25 phrases (except for the last one) and by key in 22 nki, at least two Orchestral Phrases construction kits for each natural key and one for each sharp key. There are also 54 piano loops in five Piano Loops nki and seven harp loops in a Harp Loops file.
Zero-G download: Urban Symphony (WAV, ACID, REX, Kontakt, EXS24, HALion, Reason NN-XT, Apple Loops)

Urban Definition has 150 nki containing 48 full construction kits (over 800 loops), the remaining nki grouping drumloops (250 loops), single hits (1550) and multi-sampled synth instruments (over 50).
Zero-G download: Urban Definition (WAV, ACID, Kontakt, EXS24, REX, Reason NN-XT, Apple Loops)

As always, good info on the Zero-G website. It's difficult to not have fun with these packages.

If SampleLogic's impressive new Rhythmology looks a little steep, there is a less-expensive, somewhat-similar, simpler fore-runner, with a lot of adjustment and randomization features, back on sale at KontaktHub: The Turner MkII (v5). I passed on this the first time around but I'm glad I have it now because it's a lot of fun to work with. It doesn't download with the manual but the manual is available on its page at KontaktHub, and it quickly gets you up and running.

In a previous post I mentioned Hideaway Studio's Kontakt synths. An impressive synth orchestra and synth choir for $18, each. Other, inexpensive yet impressively programmed soft-synths with experience, historic flavor, and insight. Warning to those with GAS: I did not come away from this website financially unscathed (but a satisfied bargaineer, nonetheless).

BigFishAudio has the Prosonus Orchestral Woodwinds library (Kontakt3) on sale for $20:;24;1::1713:::::::::B1713::511880

A $NZ 45 (~$32 US) donation will entitle you to a 14GB download of the Lux|Nox PERC+ Redux percussion library for Kontakt (full version, 5.5 or higher). The details start here:
MODWHEEL, Sample Libraries, Virtual Instruments Kontakt New Zealand

BigFish Audio is having a 50% sale on a number of Kontakt and KLI libraries. Now, through March 21:
Big Fish Audio - Products

Zero-G is having a $30-off per library sale (for libraries $40 and over, some exceptions:Vocaloid*titles,*Ethera, Ethera Soul Edition, Surface Tension, Deeva, Velvet Vocal, Phaedra, Disco Platinum, Shadowlands and any title that would normally cost less than $40.00). Sale ends Sunday (3-18) at midnight PST. Use coupon code THIRTY (Which also works with their "Special Offers" link). Here are some libraries between $40-50 that qualify for the $30 off:
Zero-G Audio Samples

If you purchased Kirk Hunter's Diamond Symphony Orchestra last summer from VSTbuzz, note that there is an upgrade and that the download has been restructured to a smaller number of RAR files. It was recommended to me to take the time to download anew and reinstall.

HGS is introducing the Kontakt synth "Movement" for $20. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet but the video suggests it is a fully featured and has an "XY"-feature interface (think Octomorph, Eris, etc.) and multiple randomization options, with the capability of quickly generating complex, evolving sounds (the developer mentions in a posting that each patch has "414 saved parameters per preset + 31 arrays"). Info and video are here:
Motion for Kontakt 5.6 | Homegrown Sounds
RE: Cassetto, the gift that keeps on giving---From the vendor: "This is the final week of the Cassetto + 11 Free Products Sale just in case any of you still don’t have it. For those that do I have added another bonus product to say thanks for taking part."
Cassetto for Kontakt 5 + 11 Free Products | Homegrown Sounds

Zero-G has a 3-for-$20 for select sample libraries (only one or two Kontakt titles). Simply place any three ELIGIBLE TITLES in your shopping cart and check out - the discount will be applied automatically - no coupon code is required. IMPORTANT: do not put more than 3 titles in your cart or the discount won't work! However you can order another three titles for $19.99 as many times as you like. Offer ends 3-27 at noon PST. Select from this list:

Again, I don't want to duplicate other newsletters but the RealiVox offering of "The Ladies" from is probably as low as you'll ever see that good vocal library. I got it on a previous sale but paid twice as much (still worth it).

By now, everyone has probably seen the great deal on five Soundiron Kontakt libraries from, and, again, I don't want to duplicate info from the KVR Newsletter, but I did want to pass along some info about a Kontakt freebie from Channel Robot, one of those underappreciated maniacal Kontakt instrument makers who incorporate random and stochastic compositional elements into their software instruments---something I enjoy (HomeGrownSounds, SoundDust, Audiofier, SampleLogic, AudioModern, etc., come immediately to mind---makers who have expanded the arppegiator/sequencer functions of Kontakt instruments with creative scripting). Oddly, the ChannelRobot website doesn't even mention their Drum Factory series and Grid Machine series instruments, and they can be bizarre to track down. Even though Loopmasters is the linked vendor, the individual instruments are generally readily available at PluginBoutique and the series bundles at KontackHub.
Although FreeForm, their free Kontakt synth, doesn't have the wild pattern generation and arpeggiation of other ChannelRobot instruments, it is an object lesson in using LFOs and the dynamic automation of parameters:

This free one from HomeGrownSounds, is an object lesson in randomization, sequencing and arpeggiators:
Kosmology/Multiverse – FreeFall | Homegrown Sounds

Speaking of free stuff, registered users of KontactHub can download, for free, AtomHub's Trumpett, SoundDust's Tiny Chaos Engine, and SoundEthers' Space Evolutions.

Grid Machine Free Chain – Drums
Grid Machine Free Matrix – Drums

LoopsDeLaCreme is having a 50% flash sale, even halving some of their already reduced offerings. The offer ends Tuesday April 24th. Here's how the deal works: Select one or several products and make sure your shopping cart has a minimum value of €60 in your shopping cart, click ‘got a code?’, enter the code 50FOR60 and click 'update': et voilà, instant 50% discount!
Kontakt libraries — loops de la crème

SampleTraxx Smack is on sale for €9.

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Some newbies, freebies, and a heads-up:

Some new offering from some of those vendors who embrace the random and chaotic possibilites in Kontakt scripts (Channel Robot, Sound Dust, HomeGrown Sounds), and some freebies definitely worth investigating.

Channel Robot's Grid Machines Bundle with drum/percussion sample sets (£30):

SoundDust's Infundibulum generates a lot of sounds quickly and easily. £34. If you're familiar with Pendelonium, you'll probably enjoy Infundibulum. I am.

While we are on the KontaktHub page, I'll mention some of their offerings that I have been recently pleased with:
Nice variety and utility:
Nice approach, sounds good:
No longer on sale:
Previously owned this; quality programmer:

Homegrown Sounds' Motion has entered its group-buy phase at $25 and has already achieved its first level:

If you interested in any of the Cassetto Bootlegs (Cassetto instruments that use individual Kosmology or Multiverse sample sets), there's not much time left to purchase them.

Rast Sound has a new offering, Artsy Beats, along a new tack, for €8:

Here's a freebie from Half Light Sampling, an offshoot of their inexpensive ambient library Nuclear Winter (£4.49). Being personally overloaded with "ambient," "efx," and "soundscape" libraries, I am appreciating these types of libraries with melodic components more and more.

Another freebie from Dream Audio Tools:

A lot of freebies are, understandably, teaser subsets of their parent libraries/instruments. Even though that's the case for Super Audio Boy, ". . . cut from Super Audio Cart . . . ," it's a freebie that will probably get a lot of use because it has a lot of features (including layering, selectable randomizations, and more) and can quickly create a lot of sounds:
Thanks to Impact Soundworks for this one!

Check out recent posts for other freebies.

Heads Up: In the latest KVR Newsletter, a $10 offering from Westgate Sounds called the Incantations Kontakt Preset Pack, which contains over 300 nki files and multis. Please read the requirements at the bottom---the patches are useless unless you already own or separately purchase the Incantations sample set (~$70).

I just received the latest from and it's a big bundle of AudioThing Kontact libraries/instruments (complete) and other plugins. I purchased the AudioThing Komplete Kontakt Bundle from them a while ago and it's good stuff, worth checking out.