Software Piracy Policy - with alternatives!


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another option is mixcraft

I haven't tried many versions of software, but the one I am testing right now is Mixcraft. It seems really good. I plan on getting the license for this cause it is only something like 70 or 80 bucks. I'll remember when I purchase the license. I haven't tried Reaper yet, but after joining this forum I'm thinking I might just to make sure. 80 bucks isn't much, but I'd rather not throw it away!


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Just an aside. I have a full and paid for version of Cubase SX3. "Newer" (ie, soon before the release of Cubase 4) versions of it did not come with a full paper manual, despite the box still being the size of a house, for environmental reasons. They did, however, come with a quick start guide, the Cubase disk, some other trial software, and a dongle. The manual is on a pdf on the disk. I just printed it out and put it in a ring binder because Im a tree murdering bastard.

There are people in the past who have said they did not have the Cubase manual and also claimed to have bought Cubase SX3. These people were often dismissed a pirates. I can say with absolute certainty that it did not come with a manual when I bought it.

However, not checking the disk (a pretty obvious place if you ask me) for the manual, then asking dumb questions because you didn't read said manual, is stupid anyway. But that's a different issue.

i can vouch for this.

I'm watching this linux distro intently:

ships with another open source DAW - Ardour 2 ( ) - looks like Ardour 3 will support MIDI, which, at the coarsest of feature levels, would make it competitive with the commercial ones for most of us.

disclaimer -- I haven't actually used any of this yet - just wanted to post :D

I've been using ardour now for 4 years. Except for MIDI support (which is coming in version 3), it's as solid and full-featured of a DAW as any I've seen or used (Nuendo, Cubase, even Protools), and has quite a few features I've seen in few commercial offerings. I use ardour exclusively in my studio. If you have any doubts, take a listen to the samples at my studio's site. They're not the best mixes on the planet, but that's mostly due to my own lack of experience.

Anyway... Just wanted to let ya all know that if you're not using a *great* DAW because of the money issue, just give ardour a shot. Once you do, you'll never look back. It's 100% free, and legal.


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I've used search on KVR lots of times

True Dat!
KVR has been great to me when I need I need a cheap or free plug-in. I personally don't see why crazy waves plugins and things of that sort are needed. I've done fine with what came with Protools 8 and the thousands of plugins on KVR. :cool:


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Proteus VX - LOADSA free top qual. sounds And more.

Dear Everyone.

Sorry, these are for PC users, or MAC users with BOOTCAMP (or similar.)

Proteus VX - hundreds of legit. GOOD QUALITY sounds.
Cool Edit Pro - yep, it's still out there - the mixer software Adobe don't want you to know about (they took the freebie, called it Audition and are SELLING IT TO PEOPLE!!) No, that's not a pirate link, CEP is legit. free.
DSK - choirz, padz, stringz, Indian Dreamz. Dunno why he spells everything with zeds, they're all free, all excellent quality. Especially the choirs and pads. Don't forget Synthopia, great fun Jean-Michel Jarre synth.
Mini Erhu/Mini DIZI. Beautiful Oriental takes on violin and flute. Great to use, very elegant, attention-getting sounds.
Kjaerhuis. They're an industry standard and they've got a page of freebie plugin effects - compression, 10-band EQ (not parametric, sliders) et al.
Florestan Strings. A soundfont, but a really, really good one. With a bit of teasing in the mix, they're right up there with anyone's synth-strings.
Blue Cat Chorus. The name says it all - try it and see!
Absynth. Found a freebie download of that which seems legit - it wasn't on a dodgy site, dunno if I'm allowed to say which site I found it on but it wasn't a bad one. It's a great collection of sounds, the HUGE downside being it's monotimbral (WHY!?!)
KORE Player. A Native Instrument freebie with a bunch of good sounds, the idea being you like the free sounds so much you by the refills. But they're a cool bunch of sounds by themselves.
Jup 6. A PHAT collection of sounds for dance tunes. No reverb or anything much on them but if you've got the freebie plug-ins, they sound great.
Synful Orchestra. DON'T bother with the high strings - they're the only sound in the package that's hopeless. The rest of the orchestra, considering it's not samples, is first-rate. Strange how they got the strings SOOO wrong (if I heard sounds like those strings coming out from a house I'd 'do' the guy for torturing cats!)

Just a bunch for you all to think about!

Yours harmoniously



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I wouldn't call Kjaruus an industry standard. Far from it. Freeware standard? Sure. Aside from the phaser and chorus effects, I don't really have much use for them anymore. The Delay is good too but it doesn't get fast enough.


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Well, Kjaerhuis seems to think it is...

.... and I'm too ignorant to know any different!

Still trying to get to grips with all the tech, Seafroggys. Just trying to post the stuff I've actually tried out and found works.

Yours respectfully



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KVR is invaluable for searching for free VSTs and VSTis.

Also, check out - brilliant VSTs. Not technically free, but full-functioning unexpiring evaluation copies. Worth buying, though. Excellent plugs and good prices, with Rocket, 1973, TransientMonster and VibEQ being worthy of mention.

Also, for a free series of Virtual Analogue classic (and not-so) synth emulations, go to - some of them are genuinely superb (I particularly love ESLine, Davosynth and Or2v).

There's also some good stuff over at - I'd recommend the Density compressor especially.


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Get reaper, if not just get ardour. it's actually really solid.

And Reaper is available for the Mac. I use it - a *beta version* for live tracking of orchestral performances. Yes, I have a HD backup running simultaneously, but have yet to need it - With a beta version.

As soon as he has a full-release version, I'm buying it on the spot.


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I have a full and paid for version of Cubase SX3. "Newer" versions of it did not come with a full paper manual, despite the box still being the size of a house, for environmental reasons. They did, however, come with a quick start guide, the Cubase disk, some other trial software, and a dongle.0.....


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Standalone recorders have free firmware upgrades for several years until the manufacturer quits supporting them. All the bugs are worked out by then. Just sayin'. :D


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I tried Audacity and Reaper and thought they were good but, at the recommendation of another user (can't remember who now) I downloaded the 14 day trial version of Mixcraft 5 by Acoustica. The 14 day trial is fully functional. After the trial period, you lose the ability to mixdown and produce CD's. Within a couple days I bought the full license for $75. Pretty cheap for what it does. Instructional videos available on YouTube too.

It's alot like Garage Band but for the PC. You can get it here........

Mixcraft 5 - Affordable multi-track audio and MIDI recording software.


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Nice! Now please watch out for people blaming people for cracking programs when they are not. Not only is it really annoying but it also looks to the other viewers like your question has been answered...I had a problem with this yesterday. I bought my full version of Addictive Drums and I get 2 AD packs free..lucky me!


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I'm still in my probationary period for Reaper, but also for all the cool features and themes and skins that you can do nothing, and is $ 50! If only one other program that was cheap.


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Some of the companies off 'educational discounts' on the software. It's often ok simply to have someone in your family in some educational facility - it doesn't have to be you. You can get very good discounts if you check it out. :thumbs up: Illegal software will kill the industry. People won't continue to produce the software if everybody is using knock-offs. I don't work if I don't get paid - doubt if you're any different. Software developers are no different to us. Support them please - it's in all of our interest! :guitar:


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Dear Setanta.

Y'know, that's one of those lovely theories until you start looking at the actual facts and seeing the REASONS for the use of knock-offs. A piece of music software turns up on 4 DVDS in a box. No manual - it's a PDF on a DVD. Cost of 4 blank DVDs, retail - £1, Brit money. Cost of printing a box, again retail - about 30 Brit pence. So you've just paid several hundreds of whatever currency you use to buy £1.30's worth of raw materials.

Now THAT kinda markup is something even Apple's Steve Jobs would applaud, rest him in peace.

I don't mind paying for something. I DO, however, object to being right royally ripped off. I know you've gotta put development costs onto the price - but don't forget the development costs for Version 2 are being met from the profits from Version One and so on. Now if you could buy something for £1.30 - less than 3 bucks - and sell it for over $300, you'd howl if your profits were being eaten into. But the fact is, they're grossly overdone in the first place.

Smuggling's always been for the same reason - people refusing to be ripped off for something. If they see the price as fair, they're less likely to buy the smugglers' wares. As soon as software companies stop their huge rip-offs in the name of 'profit', the sooner the smugglers - 'pirates' - will look less inviting. At the moment, if you want to write computer music, they're often our greatest resource.

Yours respectfully