Shure 52A - Rebirth (mod)

Hi, I have not been here for years. Somehow the image folder has disappeared. The filter is fairly simple. It has 4 components, all in series. An inductor, 2 electrolytic caps back to back to make up a bipolar cap and a resistor that determines the amount of attenuation. This series connection is parallel to the coil of the capsule connected between hot and cold. The mod is just removing the opposite end of the filter that is already in the mic when they build it, add a bypass switch in series.
Just add a lift (bypass) on eather end of the parallel filter. That is the mod. There is a PCB with components inside, very thin wires. Be careful.
I might go back and pull the counterfeit 52 apart and see if it has the little filter. It was a pretty horrible mic, so I should check to see what is inside it.