Sgt pepper 4-tracks? Got em? I do...

now that megaupload is down, the links don't work...
anyone have a new location of these files?
So, at long last, actually his was posted years ago. An idiot from this site decided to remix the beatles, YES, THE SHITTY ONES. "IF ONLY"His name was Sire Martin...
the urban legend is that Sgt Peppers was recorded on a four track Studer - Cant say for sure but it makes sense, mid-60's was before big multitrack machines and Studer was prob best machine in Europe at the time.
Google will be your friend, unless someone sends you a PM.

I'm pretty sure any direct links would be removed from this forum as it's technically a form of piracy to share this kind of thing.
Oh wow, boy would I luv to get a copy of this. Did the Google search but only comes up with Spammy sites :(
Same here. Can someone PM me with the Pepper links. Scrolled through the whole thread hoping at the end there would be updates...but given the thread is 10 years old :)