Sanding down a poly neck

Just use one of those green 3m (?) scrub pads to take all the gloss off. That was enough for me on a MIM Tele.

You need something like a belt sander to actually remove thick poly…


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And I'm not concerned much with what it looks like afterwards, I just want the gloss off the back of the neck for playability.


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Its a bit funny, but I have a few guitars that came with a satin finish on the neck, a Taylor, G&Ls and a Peavey. The necks are now very shiny from playing them.
I wouldn't think of scuffing them up.

I do know of a few people who have done the ScotchBrite treatment on their necks.


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I'd be interested to hear how it turns out. One of my Strat necks has a satin finish and it has an excellent feel. If the neck is natural and a bolt on maybe you might think about removing it and sanding it down and spraying on a satin finish,

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I've done a few of my necks. I started with 80 grit in an orbital sander to hog off the thick part . Then 120, 180 and 220. I did finish both necks with TruOil and lightly buffed with 0000 steel wool. It works for me.