Reel to Reel Machine - Head, Lifters, Rollers, Technical Issues?

@horeq nobody is talking about anything you are doing with lifter sleeves.

It’s all about you asking for advice, and then responding with “suggestions” even though you admit you only have surface knowledge. I tell you the truth, everybody that is contributing to this thread have much more than surface knowledge, and that’s why you came here in the first place, right? So why are you asking the questions and then skirting around the guidance being offered? It seems like you say you only have surface knowledge but in reality believe you are an expert. That’s how you come off. You perpetually want to cut major corners on a relatively rare machine. The corners you are cutting, because you don’t have funds now, are not temporary fixes you can move on from later. They are causing deeper damage to the machine you can’t revert. Or will cause detriment to performance. You’d be better to do nothing but you are using wrong chemicals to clean the tape path, rotating guides without any other tape path attention, enhancing the problems you are having…and deciding none of us know anything about what we are saying and making obtuse “suggestions”, like you’ve stumbled on some new cheap solution nobody thought of. No. Everybody here lives on a budget. Everybody here went through some degree of exploring if there were budget options or corners that can be cut. And we all came to the same conclusion, that at the end of the day, if we want the machine to work the way it should, there were certain things in a certain order that had to be done. And there was a requisite expense that went along with that. And we’re trying to help you not ruin your machine or struggle with compounding performance issues.

Your analogy about the Ferrari is not how I see it. In my view it’s more like you got this Ferrari, and it wasn’t working right, and people that had walked the exact same road as you and have or have had Ferraris, or Maseratis, or Lancias, were trying to tell you things you could do for little to no cost to try and help your performance issues, pursuant to YOUR QUESTIONS/CONCERNS, and furthermore cautioning you regarding things you needed to do and/or should not do in order to avoid additional damage, and rather than following the advice, you ignored the advice or decided the other people you came to for help didn’t know what they were talking about, and implemented repair and maintenance measures to your Ferrari that further compromise its performance and shorten its life. Nobody told you not to take it for a spin, but they did suggest to do or not do A, B & C before taking it on the road, but your actions tell us you didn’t agree and didn’t care, and did what you were going to do anyway. I’m not saying this to be rude, that is truly the analogy that seems more fitting based on my direct interactions with you in this thread.

How much do your local contacts want to charge for the pinch roller tire? Stripping your own pinch roller core of the rubber and then installed a new “tire” is one of the worst pinch roller replacement ideas I’ve ever seen. There is no way this pathway ensures the correct surface consistency to ensure correct wow and flutter performance. The pinch roller is critical. Athan makes a long-lasting precision upgrade/replacement for $145…new bearings:

But I know that falls on deaf ears because you are only interested in the cheapest option. Even if it further damages your machine resulting in an even higher cost repair later.

What compels somebody with a “Ferrari” to want to spend money on cobbled easy-grab cheap solutions that cause additional damage and/or perpetuate performance issues that person is trying to overcome?Madness.

So I really want to help, but it’s not presenting as a worthwhile use of my time. And I almost feel like trying to help is fueling bad decisions that are causing additional damage to your machine, so I feel like I need to disengage from the thread.
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Terry Witt ships worldwide and does good work from what I've heard.

Sweetbeat's suggestion of Athan is also good - they've been making replacement rollers for many years.

The next thing to do is to get a new reel of tape that doesn't shed. Stop trying to use that old 468 tape.
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