problems recording with Apple ipad


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I am trying to record my instrument (trombone) using garageband onto an ipad. I have a silentbrass system which has its own mixer. the mixer has a headphone output which connect to my ipad via a TRS to TRRS converter cable. It does record OK, but it DOES NOT switch off the internal mic of the ipad, so other "external" sounds are picked up.

When recording onto a laptop (no TRS/TRRS converter needed) there is NO problem (using audacity) external noises are not picked up and quality is good.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Tried turning on monitoring for an external microphone..........still picks up external noises such as my tumble drier in the background
Yeah.. that section read "Turn on monitoring..." but that's where you go for OFF and ON, so when you get there turn it off. If it is or was OFF at some point and you're still getting input, there may be another option in your iPad Settings somewhere. I don't use these, so I can't check it out on my end.

There are a lot of Apple users around here, so hopefully someone will chime in on this for you.
I have a done a lot of research on this...........turning off the internal microphone is impossible on either ipad or iphone..absolutely ridiculous
A lot of the online solutions are quite dated and who knows if they apply to current devices. They refer to the microphone's permission to "listen in" being revoked on an app-by-app basis [Settings/Privacy/Microphone], and toggling off the switches next to the apps you want not to have it's microphone access to. But your iPad doesn't present those options??? Or Garageband doesn't present as an app with a switch that can be toggled??? It is puzzling.

Just some rhetorical comments..thinking outloud..
I am recording successfully with iPad (latest version) and GB. I use a Focusrite digital audio interface and a Mackie ProFX mixer. The iPad's mic automatically turns off when I plug in the Focusrite. I don't need the mixer, the interface has two XLR inputs. I can monitor either by headphones to the Focusrite (no mixer), or output from the Focusrite to the mixer that is connected to powered speakers. Setting up the Focusrite was easy and seems to be made for GarageBand yet can be used with PC also.