problem with Marantz PMD740


I'm new here... pleaeaeaese be good with me... :)
Also, I'm warning you that my english are not perfect! :o

And, I'm kinda newbie with recording stuff... so for one more time be good and ... patient with my questions! The good thing is that I'm learning fast! Except, playing guitar! :D

I'd like to start recording again and of course I'd like to keep it analog!
Recently, I have done some recordings with a friend on his PC and a digi Korg 4-track and I didn't like it at all! Very clean and nice sounds but I felt that something was missing! So, I took off from my closet my Marantz PMD740 after 10+ years! Almost, I forgot how to use it! But I found its manual and ok it's not to difficult to record a guitar and some bass lines and etc. It's AWESOME! I feel very pleased that I didn't sold it and kept it for so many years!

BUT, I have some problems with it!
I have wow&flutter issues! From what I read over here I have to clean the capstan/pinch roller and replace the belts. But how can I clean the capstan? With what kind of chemical I must clean it so I won't destroy the rubber? Is it better to replace it? If yes where can I find one?
About the belts... I'll try to find locally... hope I'll find them... and I can replace them easily!

By the way, where do you find good quality cassettes today? Locally are disappeared! The sellers are laughing when I ask for chrome cassettes!

Thanks for reading my post.... and, for any help! :)
Ok, I understand that my questions have been discussed again... I did some search and found out that the best way to clean the pinch roller is with plain water and if it's really dirty with water and window cleaner or mild soap.

I'll try plain water and then I'll see how it works.

I'm still wondering where to find cassettes! Is it possible to have wow&flutter issues because the tape isn't good? I don't want to change belts etc and the problem was just the tape... I have only one I found in the recorder! Oh, and there's a rehearsal with one of my first bands! :p
Just took off the old belts and cleaned the whole thing! Now it's like new... hope I'll find belts locally and soon do some recordings! Analog rules! :)
Hey hey! Yes problem solved! Also, I found some new tapes locally and I already started to record some stuff!


The quality is amazing! I was used to digi Korg and PC recordings. There is no reason to compare it. This is real sound!
I'm really happy that I took this thing out of the closet!

By the way, I don't want to start a new thread, does anyone have the manual? Or is there any source to download it? I only have the User's Guide... thanks!
marantz pmd 740

Does anybody know where I can get a copy of the service manual for the "Marantz" pmd 740???
Well, darn. The OP used both his AND my allotment of exclamation points for the rest of the year Now, when I try to type one in my post, all I get is a blank space Not even a period Just NOTHIN'
Hey hey! Yes problem solved!

Hi I know this is an old thread, but was wondering where you got your belts and if so was size (PRB or GC #'s please).
I have to change mine, they have stretched. I measured mine: Flat, 9.75"x0.125"x0.020 and Square Cut: 9.0"x0.040"x0.040".
Factoring for stretch, 3~5 %, according to GC Belt-O-Meter, I can go get away with a 9.2. Found a FRX9.2G (G=Generic).
There is a guy on ebay selling both, but wants $20 for both belts - crazy. (I used to pay $1.38 for belts back in the VCR/Tape days. Greed?
Anyway treated them with some Rubber Renue in the meantime while I try and track down some belts. BTw tried a 9.00" I.C. and it was too tight (Don't listen to PRB who say you can go down to 10% of original size.)

Btw, mine was making a ticking noise from the tape well. Does this happen on yours?
I also have a torque problem ,tape doesn't completely rewind, of ffwd. According to s/m it is usually Belt A(square cut), and/or the Clutch!
Too bad they don't have an exploded view of the cassette mechanism in the service manual like all good manuals should -real stupid- or else I would take it apart to find the culprit making that noise. (Don't worry I have done this before many times in the vcr days, except I used excellent alignment instructions which tape decks do not have. Btw the s/m refers to a mysterious service manual which does cover the cassette mechanism. It's printed right on the bracket holding the capstan spindle in place: NMZ3110DH-2 (It's a Philips part I think) . I tried to find it but no luck. Crazy.
Well that's all for now.
There isn't any places selling that model's belts as a kit, but I'm pretty sure you can order the individual belts you need from this place...

Audio Cassette Parts

You've already done the required measurements so just look up the belts and hopefully they have what you need. Good luck.
Hello everyone. Chiming in with the same request for assistance as a previous poster - does anyone have a PDF of the PMD-740 service manual to share?

I've got two, with one completely working, and the other is okay except for the TAPE COUNTER transport display, which doesn't light up. Thankful for any assistance in fixing this!
Hey all,

This is an old thread, but I wanted to chime in for anyone who may stumble across it in the future, as I have managed to acquire the elusive service manual for the Marantz PMD740. If I can be of some help, contact me privately and I'll be glad to share what I know.

Unfortunately, as user Marantzer mentioned back in 2016, the service manual does not have an exploded diagram of the cassette mechanism. I acquired a replacement pinch roller and am attempting to install it, but there is a second spring that came out of the machine when I removed the old roller assembly and I believe I may not be reinstalling it correctly. I can't get the heads to move correctly when the machine goes into playback mode. (Again, the service manual doesn't provide any help in this department.) If someone out there with a PMD740 would be willing to take a few photos for me, it would be a great help!


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Portland, OR
If someone out there with a PMD740 would be willing to take a few photos for me, it would be a great help!


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Portland, OR

Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I just dug out my old PMD740 and am glad to take pics if you still need help.

Hello Jack,

I read your post in Home Recording - I have a PMD 740 and am in need of a service manual. Can you help? Thank you so very much.....I sincerely appreciate it.
Trying to get my PMD740 up and running...
1) Engaging any function of tape transport leads to a quick self-shut-off.
2) Hitting play pushes some tape through for a moment, but it doesn't get taken up onto the spool.
3) Two parts had come loose and were rattling inside the case (see pic): a spring and a plastic roller/guide.
4) Unfortunately, the service parts diagram I found doesn't show these (that I can find).
This worked prior to moving, didn't have a lot of use (and was packed in the original box w/styro), so I assume that a bouncing moving truck somehow shook these two items loose.
Sure appreciate any help!


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