Playing Back Midi through Roland TD-11 E Drums

I am still trying to figure out hot to separate my MIDI recording to separate channels and still trigger the TD-11's internal sounds. I would like to be able to apply all of Logic's effects to the TD-11's internal sounds.
i was able to do this in the past, but for some reason I can’t anymore. Still think it’s some kind of usb conflict.

What I used to do was to do it one track at a time (tedious, I know). But I would mute all tracks except one - say snare drum. Play the midi snare to the Roland, and record the audio out. Then mute snare, unmute kick, and record that. Rinse and repeat.
Hey thanks for replying. I was able to figure it out. It involves using an interface to route the TD-11's sounds back to Logic. So, I have the TD-11 and an interface plugged to my Mac via USB. Tell Logic you want the Output set to the TD-11 and the Input to your interface (use 1/4" cables from the TD-11's L/R Output to you Interface's inputs).

I wanted the TD-11 sounds because I purchased and installed an acoustic sound package from drum-tec on my TD-11 and it sounds amazing. The TD-11's original sounds are not so good.

Logic needs those TD-11 sounds before I can manipulate them. What I figured out is that I record my playing in Logic as a MIDI track and all notes (pads' sounds are there, all in one shot), then I use Logic's separate MIDI events by note pitch to create separate tracks each with the notes from each pad. However, since it is all coming through the same channel, changing anything to one track, affects the others, so it is useless. Nevertheless, if you control-click on any track > select Track Header Component > select On/Off, it gives you this On/Off switch which lets you enable/disable each track separately.

Next, I create as many Audio tracks (in the same Logic session where your MIDI recording is) as you want to separate your recording (I created 5 audio tracks and labeled them Hi-Hat, Snare, Kick, Toms and Cymbals). This also means the recording volume of each track will be controlled by the TD-11 AND the interface.

Lastly, in Logic, turn off all MIDI tracks that were separated except the one you want to record as audio. Say for example, leave On the MIDI track that has the Kick notes, then hit the R (record enable) on the audio track labeled Kick and hit record in Logic. Now you'll have the sound of the TD-11's kick as an audio track. Repeat for all other tracks and then have fun EQing, using Logic's own parameters.