pay it forward to people in need..

Tom if you still are in need after you deal with Stevie give me a shout and I'll take a look around the shop for ya.
Fire destroyed my entire house...

turning my 11-piece guitar collection to ashes, MELTING my vintage DOD American Metal pedal (imperative to my sound, I have never found a pedal that sounds quite like it... ) and killing my dog and cat...I have been on welfare most of my adult life; my gear was all purchased by scrimping and saving so it hurts even worse...the response on to this was that a Member sent me a yamaha drum machine and another dude, Planetjassbass, sent me like 2 grand worth of software from AUSTRALIA (which I never did figure out how to use properly, its some vst thing or kill me, im ANALOG) so when I saw this thread I figured perhaps I might get lucky...basically I lost everything, but I have now managed to get my hands on the following:

1 bass Lyon by Washburn free from a fan of my band
1 bass Yamaha bb300 for $100.00 (GOOD DEAL!)
1 acoustic guitar free from a JUNKIE (yep u heard right, first junkie in the world to give something away free instead of for crack, God bless his sweet soul) looks like a piece of crap but sounds pretty sweet...heres a tune I did with it yesterday Mulchefye - Lies Lived In The Light Rock Song By Rats At )

so basically im looking for ANYTHING...I still need an electric guitar, cables, effects, basically ANYTHING in any condition will do...I am not picky...almost had enough pieces for a drumset as well but it was one of them Remo with the clip-on skins so no great loss lol...anything u kind souls can spare will be greatly appreciated! You guys ROCK
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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that among the things that were destroyed was my Daddy's Technics KN-3000 its literally a pop-art sculpture, peraps ill spray it with resin and call it "Never let Satan play your Piano" or something Daddy would've bought me a new one, if he was still breathing...immense sentimental value...I dont expect to get THAT for free but if any of u know anyone that has one plz drop me a line, I have a solo project called S.P.T.L. that cannot continue without it...SPTL - Childhood Jazz Song By Rats At
wow, Sean_Le_Rats- just want to say how sorry i am for your loss. as a firefighter/medic (former, now disabled from a volunteer gig), i know well the destructive power of fire. and while gear can be replaced, pets cannot.
i was hoping to find some kindness and spirit lifting by seeing some happy replies on here, because i recently lost everything, too. but to thieves. 30 years of collecting, also scrimping and saving pennies over such a very long time.

so, i am also in need of anything extra anyone might care to share. gear to repair is good, too, as those will become a father-son diy project with my kid with whom i've recently been reunited. he no longer has the gear inheritance i had long planned, and it's really bringing me down.

a preamp and monitors in particular (my treasured original HR824's were perhaps my biggest purchase ever), cables, comps, a bass, any drum stuff, a gtr amp? my studio is gone, but i hope to have a phoenix-like resurrection. i am trying to keep the determination over the depression of losing stuff inherited from a few dead friends that kept their musical souls going in my mind.

i can cover shipping and even a few bucks if it's something really nice. despite my injuries, i continue to volunteer, just musically, and want to keep on keepin' on. we have to make up for those that have no respect for others.

thanks, and enjoy the good parts of your day.

-JP (Otis T)
actually, i do have something here i'd be happy to share. they left me rack screws. insert pun here.

new, unused, silver with plastic washer. got prolly 200+, so let me know how many you need.

Thieves should all be caught and corralled together to wallow in their own evilness.

hear, hear. let them all just rip each other off.

i am using the event to leave behind other things that are NOT wanted. like some shyness; becoming more involved on forums i've lurked on for years, for instance. a 'new start' kind of attitude.
I've got a pair of stock '03 Jazz Bass pickups, which I no longer need.

I'm in need of a decent pair of closed-back headphones.
I have 2 ProLine mic stands, barely used, I could part with if anyone might have a Tascam analog 4 track lying around.... I'd also be willing to trade a M-audio pre amp for one!!
I just stumbled upon this forum and created an account because I have been trying to learn more about audio gear and eventually buy something to record with.

I have been looking for a long time for an affordable interface so that I can start recording some projects for people. I have been mixing my (soon to be) brother in law's (he is in high school) songs that he has previously recorded but have no gear of my own (except my 5 year old macbook with Logic 9. :). I am in college and every interface I find I can't really afford. I am just checking to see if anyone might have any leads? Maybe something used I could buy for a small amount or helping out with the regifting thing?

Like I said I'm in college and I don't have much money. The job that I have is an internship at a church here in Cincinnati (Crossroads Church) if you are familiar with the area. But all that to say is it's not paid. I have a couple VERY low end instruments... acoustic, a banjo (half destroyed), and a ukulele. If anyone has come across a USB/ firwire interface on here please let me know. I will do whatever I can to help out.
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thefanbelow, I have a Tascam 414 Portastudio that isn't working for some reason...I think it's just the power supply, but I'm not sure. Maybe someone out there has one lying around. Let me know if you're interested.

I'm looking for an old Ramsa 820 console, kinda a large order, but if anyone would be so willing, it would make my year!

I also have a guitar cabinet: b52 Stealth series, 4x12. Nice lead tone.
I'll dig around and see if I have anything else lying around here.

-Just a college student trying to make some music.
actually, i do have something here i'd be happy to share. they left me rack screws. insert pun here.

new, unused, silver with plastic washer. got prolly 200+, so let me know how many you need.


Hmm - thinking which pun to insert...

I feel bad that this is my first post to this forum, but I could actually use some rack bolts + Nuts + washers. I discovered (from necessity) that most rack gear can hang pretty stable by just two bolts! The vertical units hang best with top bolts, and the slanted units hang best with bottom bolts. In fact, the units on a slanted (or horizontal) rack don't even need bolts, but that becomes a problem when trying to pull out any but the topmost unit!

I had made my own (square green) washers by cutting up some long rubber belt my father had in the basement with nice strong & sharp Westcott Platinum scissors. ;)

2012-10-07 08'50'34 PM 131.JPG

All that being said, I could use some more bolts. PM me if you still would like to share them. Considering I'm generally only using two per unit (except for tube preamps and any shelves), I could get by very well with just 30. I'll gladly pay any reasonable shipping fee to 07031.


Yeah I gave him a SM 57 for it so that I could give it to the kid band down the road.

Did I ever send you that mixer, Henry? I don't have those Behries anymore. I left them on a shelf at my ex's house after I got my M-308. I have a little vintage TEAC/Tascam 4-channel desktop mixer I can spare if the kids still need one though.
Hi Folks,

This is a great idea guys. I support it fully, and I have a laptop with Sonar Home Studio 2004XL loaded onto that I used to use for mobile recording. If someone can make use of it they are welcome to it. In southwestern Ontario if interested.

Jeff Badger