Packing 101 (read this if you want your recorder / mixer to arrive in one piece)


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This really should be a "sticky" on every forum like this but here goes ...


This is the way I'd like people selling on eBay to pack, to follow the above guidelines. You'd then have a much higher chance of everything arriving intact at your doorstep. THUMBS UP!

In fact, DO send the links to whomever you're dealing with, having stuff shipped by.

EDIT: While certain oversized and really heavy items indeed must be crated and / or shipped on a pallet via truck, freight etc, for best protection, it's good to know much info exists on typical shipping as well.

(Do read many of the EXCELLENT discussion posts in that second link as well).

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Excellent info!

Now if we can get machines to people in one piece and help them avoid bad tape, we'll be most of the way there. :)
Beck said:
Now if we can get machines to people in one piece and help them avoid bad tape, we'll be most of the way there. :)

My thoughts exactly! We're on a mission! :D

....and yet another SUPERB link!!

If you insist on having a deck shipped, have the seller promise, in writing, that he will follow this packing method and if the deck is not packed, as per the instructions, he will further promise to refund your entire purchase amount if the deck should get damaged. If he won't agree, move on.

NOTE the THICK STYROFOAM blocks between the original and outer boxes, on the sides, bottom and I would venture on the top as well. This is a CRITICAL final step. It won't be protected as good without it. Don't miss it.

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Obviously the above only applies to reasonable weight and size decks / mixers. There are those which require outright crating. Many TASCAM / TEAC decks / mixers are just too heavy and large and would require crating with sufficient padding inside the crate.
It would be to your advantage, prior to even considering shipping, to thoroughly study the above links and information. Getting the seller / shipper to actually follow the above, however, is a much more difficult task.
this kind of confirms my experience with 100+some purchases of various pieces of gear from eBay. I would say USPS overall is least damaging and UPS is most dangerous. I also personally have noticed that UPS delivery guys are pretty nice, while USPS are sort of dry and less smily if any at all. The only problem is that being a nice guy does not help in terms of what is being delivered :)

Also, that's just me, but I personally never really count of getting a piece of gear as I see it on the photo when buying something from eBay. I put expectations to the lowest imaginable level and bid accordingly. It works out well at the end, and from time to time when I open the box I say: "WOW! Way much better than I expected! Cooool :D "
Well, and sometimes I'd just say: "Ehhhh, just what I thought it would be like. Let's pick up the pieces and clean up the mess."
That's exactly my experience and thoughts too, Doc. That is why I never purchase anything on ebay anymore, stuff which has to be shipped and resembles heavier electronic equipment. Heck, even if it's "as advertised", a long shot really, it'll most likely arrive smashed.
This getting scary, Daniel... I was planning on bumping this tonight after seeing a couple damaged items being resold for parts over the last couple days.

The psychic connection… we need to use our power for some greater good… world peace or somethin'. :D
Yes, since becoming aware of the shipping / packing issue many moons ago, I too am seeing the signs of damaged gear, all over the net. This is indeed increasing due to the surge in popularity of such equipment and, of course, people who have absolutely no experience in this field, put these up on offer only to royally screw up on packing, which results it damage.

Psychic connection indeed.. ;)


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