NGD: Seagull S6 Folk Left Handed


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Don't have a pic handy, and anyway this is a rather plain looking guitar, but let me tell you why I am amped about this one:

About 15 years ago, I found a S6 Folk at a garage sale in uptown New Orleans. Seller was firm at $75, and I "took a chance" on it. Turned out that was about half it's used value at the time. I play lefty, and had to restring it, but I was just blown away by it's balanced tone. About 3 years later I sold it to a friend of my then-girlfriend, and bought a lefty S6 Dreadnaught. The dread was not as pleasing as the folk, and I was immediately disappointed, but the deals were done.

Not long after moving to Atlanta, my then-gf bought me a Martin D-16 (well, to not give her any more credit then she deserves, she bought half of it- I paid for the other half... don't EVEN get me started on her...) and the Seagull saw less and less action- too much like the Martin. I bought another right-handed S6F, intending to properly convert it to lefty- replace bridge and nut- but LaSiDo told me it was asymmetrically braced, so I abandoned that idea.
The Dread got a top refinish, but never really captured my imagination and was sold about a year ago, and was not really missed.

Then I saw this on in Craigslist, for $110. Acted fast and scored it, seller dropped to $100. This model sounds as sweet and balanced as I remembered it, and my horse trading on this "line" works out like this:

S6F bought for $75
S6F sold for $150
S6D lefty bought for $150
s6D refinished for about $15 (plus my labor)
second S6F bought for $150
S6D sold for $200
Greg Bennett D1 lefty bought for $60, sold for $80 (NEVER liked that guitar, very happy to unload that thing)
S6F lefty bought for $100

That means I have a total outlay of $120, and I haven't yet sold the second S6Folk right handed guitar. I'll probably get $150-250 for it, so I will be money and a sweet guitar ahead.

gotta love it.


Congrats, I can appreciate a decent cheap acoustic. You don't have to cry if you scratch it.

I have a very plain Seagull 12 string I bought used, it was probably cheap because it was so plain looking.

dervish riff

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Sometimes there's really not much difference in structure between left and right handed guitars, I've done conversions for people and usually don't notice much of a change, especially on the cheaper models. Of course, there's always a first time.

I like most of the LoSiDo guitars I've played, they remind me of older Harmony models, but made a bit better.


Just another guy, really.
I was actually looking at it the other day, and though it might end up being my "the one that comes with me to the old folk's home" guitar. If I can still play as an old geezer, I won't care what I play or who it impresses.