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Hello, My name is Josetta Harlan. I'm on the path to my Music and audio production degree. So far I've been going for about 3 months so I'm still fairly new to everything. I've been singing all my life, It just comes naturally time. When it comes to making instrumentals I'm very green in that area. The most I've done is make a few beats on Soundtrap. Well, there's a little recap about myself, and if you have any advice for me I'm open to hearing anything. Any and every piece of advice is needed.


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Hi! I'm Dragongirl! I want to be audio book voice actor. I'm as new as new can get. Like buying equipment on Amazon but not sure if its the right stuff kinda new😬. This is a completely different path for me, but I want it even though I'm terrified.
get a usb condenser microphone and you will do great with it!!


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Hi there! My name is Gianmarco, I'm trynna be something that looks like a sound engineer / producer :P
EDIT: I'm from Italy!


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Hi I'm John. I used to write and record music but it's been years and I'm looking to start back over from scratch. My recording setups were always really slapdash and bootleg, with much of my music-making time being spent trying to minimize constant buzz. I'm hoping to learn enough here to get a nice little studio going again, but man there is an intimidating amount of info on here. I used to just record straight onto a 4-track machine and then record the tapes onto my laptop through the headphone jack, so like... anything a step-up from that is gonna delight me, haha....

As a point of reference, here is some of my old music:
Singing & guitar stuff =
Hip hop stuff =


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hi there, im 37,from manchester in the UK.
im new to the forum but not new to music production or DJing,i started vinyl DJing in end of the year 1999 and doing studio production in 2001 after a unfortunately cheesy playstation software called 'music' got me hooked on making music.
i am non verbal classic autistic, i have mild intelectual disability, i have life long severe epilepsy,i have two physical disabilities caused by restrraint which has left me needing my wheelchair, i was actualy given voluntary work in around 2001,working for 3 major hospitals radio stations- i was eventualy let go because i was non verbal and they only wanted wanted verbal DJs--which is disability discrimination and woudnt happen today.
i was moved into institional care around 2009 so i had to give up DJing as there was no room for my DJ set up,and i had smashed my laptops which had my studio software on.

for many years now,both my short term and working memory have been completely destroyed by epilepsy,so i am now having to start from scratch with production and DJing,and im having to get new kit.
i have a gaming laptop and acid studio 11 DAW running on it,but i am really struggling with it to be honest,im still collecting vinyl though.


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Hi, my name is Asher. I am an electronic/breakbeat/ambient music producer/composer from New Zealand and I make music under the name "D410". I've been making music for around 4-5 years now, I used to go by the name "Frostbyte" but to no one's surprise, I realized that name sucked, haha. I live in a small town in the far north of New Zealand called Kaitaia. I feel like I'm sort of imposing here since the music scene in this town isn't really, well, electronic-y. The musician community here is widely based around reggae, hip-hop, rnb, etc. So me being the only electronica musician, it's hard to fit in I guess.

I'm currently on hold with music, I have been feeling creatively burnt out so I'm taking a bit of a break. I had trouble making music so a week ago I announced my month-long break on my YouTube channel (which I don't frequently use).

I joined this forum to collaborate and connect with people and I'm super excited to start sharing my stuff and making new colleagues along the way.

Cheers! - D410

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I'm baaack! I was a frequent poster for several years, and fell off the bandwagon. I recently rebuilt and cleaned up the studio. I previously recorded a full length CD with liner notes, overdub sessions, a release party, pro mixing/mastering etc. Now I'm working on the demo I never did, recorded, played, mixed, and mastered all by myself. It's sort of Richie Monroe unplugged. I'm a singer-songwriter influenced by British Invasion, San Francisco psychedelic rock, and Celtic folk music. I play guitars and Uke. Hope to hear from y'all, and I'll find out if anyone on this forum remembers me.


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Hello guys, my name is Fabio and I'm an aspiring producer from Brazil. I'm trying to make electronic music, but sometimes I get myself doing authorial music that mixes some electronic with pop / synth pop or whatever I feel the need to do. It started as a hobby, but I'm getting so excited with music production that I'm thinking serious now. Hope to learn a lot here, is good to know you guys!


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Hi Jay here, im a bass guitarist and wants to record music at home. Happy to know there is this recording forum i can learn the basics. Thanks!


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Hi. This is my second run at learning ProTools. Tried a few years ago and failed, but I back. Glad to find this forum.


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After a couple great years in Nashville studios and a commercial music production house and then a 25 year hiatus working for a big blue corporation, have decided to update my home gear and find some W/L balance in my free time. Looking for mix tracks to bust off the rust and get dangerous again.


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Hello everyone,

Just trying to help a friend get his account verified here,I reckon Ill have to PM a staff member :)

I also wanted to have a look and I see alot of good stuff here!!


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Warren here... Just wanted another piece to mix in with my 70's vintage rack so I got a Pioneer RT-707 to see what trouble I could get into... Probably record some stuff this weekend, just need to figure out whether to do some Sinatra or some Jimmy Page (or both!)

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New to the forum? Say hello, tell us a little about your self. Meet the gang :p

Welcome to HomeRecording Forum! :guitar:
Hallo I am Jacobus Slabber from South Africa, but James will do ( better for English speaking people). I am a musician and want to learn how to make recordings. I have a Behringer Xair 18 mixer and was told that it could be used to make recordings, as an audio interface, but I have very limited knowledge of how to go about using it to record sessions. I was told by a friend that you and your site, Home could help me get off the ground, which I am looking forward to with excitement. So thanks a lot to be part of your group. Cheers JS

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First I want to ask what DAW is the best to download to use with the mixer ( Xair 18). I have downloaded Reaper, but just to record one track was quite a problem, It recorded, but I struggled to play back what was recorded and the video help from Behringer did not help much. Then, I want to record using a keyboard and then also record a guitar and drums, just the basics to keep the tempo. I think it is called overdub {?} or multitrack recording. Where do I start to do that and how can I multi-track? Thanks for advice and sorry for being so stupid.