Need my Master to sound louder


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It seems you like you may be finally starting to use your ears more than looking at numbers in Ozone. also means that you still have things to learn about how you produce your individual mix tracks....long before mastering. Applying effects like an exciter to a master is not entirely wrong.....but ask yourself if you would have applied that effect to every track you put in your mix....all at the same level and settings. Probably not. Recording each track at the right initial volume (nothing near 0 db) allows you to apply effects to each track without getting into distortion......and believe it or not....allows you to raise the final master volume more effectively and without obvious distortion.

We all were newbies at one point and we all learned like you are now. We're still learning of course. . One thing we all learned I think is to trust those with many who are here. There's a lot of questionable and incorrect recording info out there on the web and YouTube. Sometimes people come here to this forum and debate some of that less than accurate recording methodology with those who have been through it all.....and still want to trust what they see or read over what those here know as fact.

Recording is black and white mostly. What you want as a result has been done before. Trust those who can REALLY help you get there.