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I am setting up a home recording studio. I was wondering if I could buy a USB mixer and record straight to the software on my computer. I want to be able to record multiple instruments at the same time and have seperate tracks for each instrument on the computer software.
Thanks for your help.


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Sorry for the late reply but I'm back in hospital.

Anyhow, there are a few USB mixers that can do what you want (A&H Zed R16 for example) but they tend to quite pricey. The vast majority of USB mixers only provide the main stereo mix to the computer, not individual tracks. You'll likely find a multitrack interface is the more cost effective solution unless you have other reasons to want a mixer.


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Newb question here. Thank you in advance for any help. I've got a Tascam DP-02cf. It only has two inputs. I've looked at some nice suggestions for recording drums with a two mic setup. My only problem is that I want to play along with the drummer as a guide. Here's my question: can I run two mics through the TASCAM into a Mixer where I include my keyboard/guitar guide track and then into a headphone amp? Hope that makes sense. My fear is that latency would make it impossible to record in this manner.


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Chris you make a good point. I see this all the time. "hey it's got knobs on it so i can use this to control the pro tools right?"


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a mixer with an interface is good for if your recording bands. for recording multi tracks such as all ur drums, gutairs,bass,keyboards and mic's all at once, then u wanna use a mixer as it will send all channels to ur software via USB or FIREWIRE. other wize just use an interface sound card.

a workstaion or CONTROLLER is a "mixing board" that only controlls ur softare so for EX ur making an instrumental and ur using different sounds such as clap,kick drum, hi hat then ur CONTROLLER can adjust ur your levers from the board instead of uing ur mouse. And this way u could hit reverb,compression . play stop, rec ECT right from ur board instead of using ur mouse.

what i will be using is :::
an HUI mackie work station, (i dont know the model #)
I currently have a Presonus audiobox interface with MIDI input/output but will be upgrading to a Model: #AUDIOBOX1818VSL witch is RACK SIZE

ontop of that i will be using a RACK SIZE headphone amp and RACK SIZE power switch to run power to my monitors (KRK 8'S) and other equipent.
im tryning for the most professional look so thats why im using as many RACK SIZE components as i can. I would like to also up grade to a desktop MAC.


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Very helpful info Bobbsy thanks. Since Im a newbie and getting older (56) I have a few quick ?s

I am planning to record multiple keyboards only!(no guitars/vocals etc)
I just purchased a new A&H Zed60 14FX mixer but Im not pleased with the
USB out 1.1 so I also purchased a Focusrite Scarlett 2i/2 audio interface
for 2.0 USB.
Question 1; Whats the best way to hook up the mixer/interface with my
Lenovo labtop (Intel i5/8GB of ram 2.3Ghz speed)?
DAW is Mixcraft 6 Studio Pro(since Im new at this I wanted something similar to garageband)
I will be recording audio never midi

Question 2;
When recording multiple keyboards is it better thru a mixer/interface combo
or each keyboard stereo individually thru the interface via the labtop for better quality sound?

Question final; can you recommend a good book for newbies thats user friendly but up to date with technology unlike Dummybooks.
thanks for any help


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Well, first off let me ask you why you're unhappy with the USB 1.1 output? Are you having actual problems (for example driver issues) or is it just because USB 2 is "better"? I ask because the limitations of USB 1.1 are just in terms of throughput, not sound quality, and for a single stereo output from the mixer, USB1.1 should be plenty.

If it's driver issues etc. I'd suggest a phone call to A&H's customer service department. In the UK at least they are a very helpful mob--I've heard tell that it can be best to Skype the UK number rather than mess around with the American one. (And if you're not in the USA, apologies--but the majority of members are!)

If, for whatever reason, you want to run from the mixer to the Scarlett, just go from the line out on the mixer to the line ins on the Scarlett (the TRS sockets in the middle of the front panel XLRs.

Normally I'd say you'd have better quality going straight into your 2i2 with your keyboard--but the A&H is better than most entry level mixers and (though I've never compared them side by side) my guess is the A&H electronics are on a par with the Focusrite--so you'd lose nothing through the convenience of using the mixer as a routing device.

As for a book, I don't know of any that can give step by step specifics, if only because every system is just so different. However, one that I've recommended in the past is AUDIO MADE EASY (OR HOW TO BE A SOUND ENGINEER WITHOUT REALLY TRYING) BY IRA WHITE. It's full of all sorts of good background info on levels, cabling, connections etc. and, though kept simple. all the info is accurate.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Bobbsy I have not tried the mixer yet, I just read from many A&H reviews this was the only flaw
with the Mixer (the USB 1.1) which for 2012 should be updated to a 2.0 for a better recording... hence the focusrite 2i2.


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Hi Morty - I also own a A&H mixer (ZED12FX). It has taken me a while to learn how to properly use it but I must say, it is a very nice piece of equipment. I have never noticed any lag or slowness due to the 1.1 USB connection. The mic pre's are quite acceptable for starting out with. Sound quality is tops! Good luck recording! Jack


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Hi, need some help. I have a Dynacord powermate 1000 that I have previously used for live performance but no longer do that and wish to set up a small studio setup for recording vocals and guitar. Acoustic and electric. Have been looking around for a small more compact mixer that has usb outputs but not sure if the quality of the lower end usb mixers would be to much of a comprimise in quality of the sound. Also looking to buy some monitor speakers as I have my Mackie 450 active speakers in my bedroom at the moment. I am also using an asus xsonar ds sound card. My dilema is should I sell my existing gear or is this suitable. Any advice and help would be much appriciated.