Mix This - Ashen Cycle - Witnesses

I don't know what the problem is. Something on my end isn't working correctly.

I can see this in your Google Drive before I try downloading (I can't do anything with these) :

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Then I download a .zip file :

View attachment 132503

Then I extract to my Downloads folder :

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I click to open RAR file and I get this :

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Clicking Save in this screen just saves it to Downloads - Again with the same results seen here.

Hey again, did you manage to get this to work ? Would be super stoked to hear your take on the song :)
I felt as if I had to jump through too many hoops just to download some wav files - I gave up. I'm used to other hosts where all I have to do is go to a link and hit download.
Hey spantini,

Try this link and see if it helps. I'll delete it later as I don't want to step on SLCicu's feet, not my files.

Thanks, man. That was perfect. Got it all. My compliments to whomever laid down those drums 8-) I took a totally different take on this and went for a 60's radio Rock Jazz Surfer feel. How's that for a mix mash :p It's lighter and doesn't pack the punch of the others here.


  • Witnesses Take 2.mp3
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Hey, I decided to remaster my mix of the track using what I've learned about mastering in the past six months.


  • Ashen Cycle - Witnesses - RADIO MIX - REMASTERED SEPT 23.mp3
    8.4 MB