midi keyboard with pads or push + digital piano, what is better?


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Hello, I using Ableton and Fl Studio. IS making music mainly in a home studio, without live performance - main techno, deep-house.

I want buy a new device for my home studio:

  • Ableton Push + digital piano like Roland FP 30 / Casio px 870
  • midi keyboard with past instead push like Arturia MK II 88
What is better? I mainly use keys, because I like playing a full composition on my keys and records it is in daw, and next working with its in daw, adding filters, mastering, etc.

Additionally question:

  • Arturia is okay for long-term playing on the piano, like a digital piano? What is a midi keyboard also OK? I wanted to buy w native complete 88, but I heard that very often this device has problems with keys.
  • Is Arturia planning a new version of MK? MKII was released in 2019, next version when released?

rob aylestone

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If you use the sound of a roland or yamaha digital piano, it's rarely the best piano simulation - do you use that sound in techno and house?

I'd use a proper keyboard. If you are a real pianist, then 88 notes is ideal, but many use 61's quite happily. If you use Kontakt, then the mk 2 NIs are super and the only grief I have had with keys is when I dropped a monitor speaker on one and snapped it off. I fixed it and it's fine. I would certainly buy another, it's the best I have ever had for so many reasons.

Slouching Raymond

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I can't say which is best for you bassonopera, but I know what I like.
I love the Kawai MP11 and MP9500 keyboards I bought. They were high end and expensive.
The less expensive Kawai MP4 I bought is not so natural feeling.
My 5 octave Roland RD64 has a nice piano feel, and makes a good partner to the Integra 7, for all kinds of voices, and has the Roland joystick for bending.
All in all, I think that pianos do make good midi controllers.
I suggest you go try some at a store before deciding.
I bought a Novation Impulse 61, and an Alesis 61 key, and find they dont feel right for me.


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Roland is crap. However it is nice crap. The finest of craps if you will.

cheapest way.. A plastic USB deck you like and..I used to be real picky with action. Now I just want full size keys..They are plastic, whatever.

Man, you could get a Roland Vintage MVS-1 for about a hundred on Reverb a while back. The MVS-1 and a cheap compressor on the outputs. Thats it. Youll have all the marquee samples from the hits..
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