Mars Final

Are there high and low shelf boosts by chance? It seems like the mids are kind of small in comparison. It might be making the guitars and some of the percussion sound a little shrill.
First off , Thanks @easlern for responding. You are now an official "first responder" Everything but the guitars were either loop or synth based with no EQ adjustments from me . I actually did a 1 DB low shelf cut and a small cut at 14k per Ozone. I Will look at it "closely" for the next mix in case freq.'s are building up. Thanks again .. mark
Hello , I did a remix with vocals. I think I got the feel I wanted and it's about a minute longer. Any comments , crits' and suggestion are welcomed. Thank You mark
First let me say that this is not really my genre, so take these comments with a grain of salt.

I think the groove is cool in general, and there are nice little bits of ear candy sprinkled throughout (fuzz guitars, etc.). The two big detractors to me are:
1. Lack of power in the low end: The bass and drums sound a little lightweight to me and prevent the track from having the impact it should, IMO.
2. Tremolo on the vocals: This effect gets old pretty quickly, again IMO, and wears out its welcome. I would think it would be better suited for just a small section to make it count.

Other than that, I think it sounds good.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll address the bass/lows and drums when I remix the vocals. I used a small 1.2 db. low shelf cut on the main mix , (suggested by Ozone 8) and didn't have a problem with it. I have purposely stayed away from this track long enough now to get a different perspective. Thanks again .. mark