Looking for a new mic for vocals

In the end, it is how, what, and where you use any given mic. The mic is a choice in any given environment based on what is being mic'd, the room it is being used in, and the gear that it is being run through. It's how you use it and how you are driving it.


And yes, as someone mentioned in an earlier post, SM58’s has seen use for vocals in million dollar studios, but then again; so has U47’s.

I can fix anything with a Phillips screwdriver, a small hammer and a wood saw, but even though it might not look any better, it sure as hell would be so much F*CKIN’ easier, let alone faster, if I had the right tools for whatever I’m about to fix.
I have ALL the audio tools I could ever dream off in my homestudio - and it makes the recording, mixing and mastering process SO much easier - and so much more fun. That allows me to focus on the content instead.


But there sure as hell are more of the cheap (say sub $100-200) that are close to useless, than the ones with $1000+ price tags. And that is not so odd. That’s how you’d (or at least I’d) expect it to be.

So so true and really the same with most tools. Any proper skilled tradesman never buys cheap shite.

Saying that where does the quality descent stuff kick in? In the case of mics....over $200 or over $500? You can only answer that when you have tried and tested them.

A few months back I was looking at sound effect recordings. I noticed that the people who recorded them had stated their equipment that had been used to record such things as 'birds singing' or 'traffic noises' etc. There is no way I could have afforded their equipment. But I suppose to some of you they completely wasted their money on such.

I suppose Steven Speilberg probably thinks the same when looking for a bit of Manhattan traffic noise. ...... Beep Beep!
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Beakster, you think that's subtle? Either you're listening on crap speakers, or you're deaf!

Put those two in a double blind test and I can pick out the same one 100% of the time. The M88 recording is dark and recessed sounding, The 160 is hard bright and agressive... VERY "in you face".

No amount of compression will make them equal, but a whole lot of EQ might get them close.

There are so many differences. Its awesome. I like the ribbon sound. How it adds harmonics. That M160 is money, but I 'd like to hear Dualmono's Royers. Show those bad boys off.

My criticism of the NT-1 is unfair I suppose. Somebody out there online can make use of it for sure.

Beyer has my attention the past couple years. I'd like to move , sell the AKG P420 and get that M201. Trying to keep a small locker.

Here are some other clips from that same sound test. A MD421 and a SM58. Grilled mics.

Sm58 by Mark C | Free Listening on SoundCloud

421 by Mark C | Free Listening on SoundCloud


Dood, what are you trying to show or prove? What I am hearing from your links is guitars recorded in an environment that has nothing to say about anything other than 'here is this'.

They all sound like shit in the mix. So you are comparing what you have recorded in a not yet mixed situation to prove a moot point?

I don't even understand what you are trying to say man...

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My criticism of the NT-1 is unfair I suppose.

Your criticism of the NT1 may be totally fair. It depends on which NT1 you are criticisng, and what it is about it that you don't like. If it is something common to both versions, then that's fine. If it is something about one or the other, then it's not so fine, because we would need to know which one you are referring to.


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Thinking yall could hear the difference. The gy was looking for mic options. Sound would help better than descriptor words.

Hear that a m88 is humbucking. A Sm 58 is single coil. Listen to likeness comparing to guitar pups.

Listen to the bass in the 421 from the large diameter diaphram. Or a colorful ribbon's spread spectrum.

Even my shit recording might have value to him. Oh , ya ..then compare if price has anything to do with it. Or is it design?


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Thinking about making my first new track. My room isn't a studio, but has pretty good acoustics.
Trying to choose new mic, but can't figure out what to look at. Any suggestions for a begginer? 300$ max


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Thinking about making my first new track. My room isn't a studio, but has pretty good acoustics.
Trying to choose new mic, but can't figure out what to look at. Any suggestions for a begginer? 300$ max

I love when I get to tell stories to get a point across.

I worked at a corporate studio where funding for mics wasn't an issue. Pretty much name a classic mic and it was in the mic closet. We were doing a series of live recordings in the folk genre and had a group out of Saskatchewan for a 3 night performance in the corporate theater that was going to be recorded live. The act had 3 singers, 2 sisters and a brother. Their signature sound was lush harmonies. One of the sisters had a really burly low voice for a woman and to make things worse, she had a bit of a cold. We tried everything you can think of from the most expensive Neumann's to dynamics like the RE20. In the end what worked was a SM57 through a Focusrite Red pre. It just fit with the other two singers.

Having done a lot of live work, I remember when the Neumann KMS105 came out. Seemed every touring folk artist I worked with that year ended up buying one as it was supposed to be the "best" vocal mic ever for live. Reality was it didn't work for everyone.

You'll get a bunch of suggestions but without knowing your voice, hard to say. Lots of great cheap mics out there. Nearly impossible to audition a mic these days too makes it all the more difficult.

I am on a bit of a mic spending spree. Even bought a mic this week off of the for sale section on the forum. Supposed to arrive today. Also ordered the Presonus PD-70 this week. Been scanning Reverb and craigslist for bargains as well.


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Ever notice that with a Cardio mic sounding boomy , you can crank it hard off axis and it gets tighter? like a different microphone. Yet mics are demo'd at a very narrow input angle.

Ever make a song with all mics at 90 degrees?