let me see your studio!

good idea to post pix?

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Phase 1 done.

10x12-ish room in the basement, turned the closet into a vocal/acoustic booth which is good enough for me now. Both sides are on hinges so I can get to the shelves and cables hanging on the wall. Plus I can shut the curtains to isolate it more. Not a totally isolated booth, but sounds much better. The furnace room is on the other side of it so I am putting rockwool behind and above the closet.


Next updates:
- acoustic curtains to replace the red ones
- build a rack for my interface, run permanent cables from the closet and side of the room for mics, guitars/bass etc.
- acoustic curtain from vocal booth to go on the wall outside of the studio to cut down on some of the basement noise. *might* build a separate wall to isolate the room


How do you get to the acoustic guitars on the back of that hanging rack? With no treatment in that area, there's bound to be a lot of bass reflection build-up.

I don't play acoustic very often, and when I do, it's usually just to record something. It's just a matter of removing one or 2 of the electrics in front to gain access. And yes, this room is not properly treated, but I do the best I can. I have 6 different reference monitors I can use:
- KRK6
- Mackie CR3
- Sony Headphones via separate amp
- Sony ear buds via AI
- Sony micro system with 3 inch drivers
- my wifes, mid level quality PC speakers in her office downstairs.

i have an A/B/C/D box to switch between KRK - Mackie - Sony Headphones - Sony micro system

I know my room. I know all my reference monitors. I don't even bother listening in my car anymore.

I've been thinking about ripping out my studio and starting again with a whole new home built desk and racks. If I do this, I will treat the room. I have lots of 90's and 2000's outboard gear that I don't use anymore. It's time to hose down and start again.


My room, space, whatever... where some noise happens sometimes and occasionally recorded for one reason or another ...


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Sorry the pics are sideways...they weren't when I loaded them.

Can't believe this thread is 18 years old!
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mr. green christmas
This is where I'm making music these days.

I made the desk out of an old barn door and some scrap wood I found in the basement.

studio 2.jpg


desk 1 (2).jpg