let me see your studio!

good idea to post pix?

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  • not interested in peeking into other's bedrooms

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  • is that an Ozbourne poster on the wall?? Yikes!

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  • man -- when did you clean up the last time?

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  • I am so jeleous! Can I move into your house??

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Here's mine:



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Alright, I'll show off a little but barely compared to the ones I've seen in here! WHEW! you guys have some nice set ups! I keep moving mine around and it's nowhere near being a true studio due to family needs (1 daughter plays drums, the other daughter plays bass), but slowly I'm taking over and convincing everyone we need to punch on through the wall and build a two room set up! :)
musicroom - 05.jpg

musicroom - 08.jpg

musicroom - 07.jpg

musicroom - 03.jpg

musicroom - 04.jpg

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Thanks Jimmy, I sure love my line 6 wireless for the guitars, makes the cable clutter much better. But while recording, the headphone and mic cables are just everywhere. The door behind the drums is the "workshop" and case storage, so that's where the real mess is! Give me some time to do as incredible recordings as you guys around here and I doubt I'll keep it that clean!


Give the guy a break, it's probably a result from squinting at all that tiny piano notation :D

My eyes are tired from giving dirty looks to musicians that cant keep time. Plus some things that cant be unseen on the internet, have left me constantly squinting. I may need one of those meters myself soon......Crows feet are things that grow on my face, not actually crows stepping on my head, btw. lol!