jazz tune if you'd care to listen...


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I have a new song posted at the following web site, under the title "First Time". If anybody would care to listen and comment I'd be extremely grateful. It's a guitar-oriented swing/jazz thing. I know the mix isn't very hot and I've worked on a re-mix which will be posted in the next day or 2; but, otherwise, any suggestions are welcome.



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Nice job. Was that a Jammer arrangement? As to keeping up with the fairly constant key changes, you didn't nail it 100%, but you sure kicked my butt as I tried to duplicate that feat in real time. When the whole mix starts sounding <that> good, it becomes more worthwhile to use a MIDI editor and tweak the rhythm tracks so that successive repetitions don't sound like successive repetitions. For that horn solo, add a couple of tracks using some other instruments with just a few notes on each that both harmonize and reinforce the lead line. I'm not really partial to that lead guitar tone; used by Pat Martino with great success. I like it a little crisper with less reverb. But I guess that's getting too personal. :)
As to "hot" it wasn't off all that much.
1.3 dB.


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Thanks for the reply and comments drstrawl...I do appreciate the honesty. It is a Band in Box arrangement. I entered the chord changes and did some midi-editing with the drum track and BiB did the rest as far as bass, piano and horn.

Thanks for the tip on embellishing the horn solo; I'll see what I can do. Obviously, I'll keep working on playing through the changes. I'm an old school rocker trying to learn the jazz thing.

thanks again...


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Not to shabby. I've never been much of a fan of synthesized horns, but then we can't go carting a horn section around with us all the time, can we? (I used to play trumpet myself back in the day, albeit poorly). The guitar was groovy stuff though: good tone, and some pretty cookin riffs thrown in there. I particularly liked that last solo. Good stuff.

-Nate K