I don't want a studio....... I want Bradland....

Alright Dave..... I had one electronics theory class in college. It cost me a case of beer and tutoring my EE friend in statics in order for me to pass that class..... never have I regretted it until now.....35 years later...... :)

Help me out with these terms:
CR- capacitor/resistor circuit?
Sstate- solid state
WTGR- No clue
Gge “squegging”- :wtf: :D

I appreciate you taking the time write this out, I really am trying to get a basic understanding of what’s happening so I don’t fry something in the future. I was being careful with my line level output and (believe it or not) that janky test setup, but I was one thought away from unhooking that speaker.
I got started on my 1st and 2nd reflection acoustic panels today.

File Nov 16, 4 42 34 PM.jpeg

These are the ones that are going on the brick wall. They have two inches of Roxul 60, a two inch air gap behind, plus I am going to give them a two inch standoff.

File Nov 16, 4 33 20 PM.jpeg

Since there are six fiberglass panels, I'll have these two on the brick wall, two more on the bookshelves without the air gap or sppacers (I'm going to mount hinges, make them into doors and have my cables hanging behind them), and two more that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with yet......... any ideas???
Well..... I've gotten the panels finished.....almost......

File Nov 29, 4 52 41 PM.jpeg

They are functional.... I do want to put a trim around the edges to make them look better. The ones in the pictures above cover up two cable areas that I've made in a bookshelf.

File Nov 29, 4 53 16 PM.jpeg

The Brick wall has two also:

File Nov 29, 4 52 13 PM.jpeg

These have two inches of roxul 60, two inches of airgap in the frame, and I also mounted them two inches off the wall. I only used 4 of the six panels of roxul on the walls, so I made two more that I can move around the room as needed. On all of them I ended up using two Walmart 200 thread count queen sized sheets (that will do all six panels front and back...).

These were made to get my first and second point reflections when I'm mixing, I do seem to notice the percussion more (I don't know if thats good or bad). The sound seems to be cleaner to me... I'm hoping thats good.

I really like the way this room turned out. From where I started it sounds dramatically different.....
Well..... I'm to the point I'm almost finished with the room. I cannot thank everyone enough for their help. Not just the people who posted here, but all the people's posts in other threads where I got ideas from. This room might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure is mine! Here's a little tour:

First.... before and after pics:
File Nov 30, 7 42 03 AM.jpeg

This was my setup in our trailer while we were out seeing the United States.... seems a little underwhelming in the house we had just bought.

ahhhhh.... this looks better.....

File Nov 30, 9 11 20 AM.jpeg

This is my guitar/vocal area.

File Nov 29, 4 46 14 PM.jpeg

These forums really helped me figure out what I wanted to do here. For the last couple of months, I have been begging and buying all the boxes of books I can. I don't even care about the subject.... I'm just filling those three rows of shelves and I really like the sound.

Looking straight across are the drums and organ. Drums are a line in input.... Organ still needs to be mic'd...

File Nov 29, 4 45 32 PM.jpeg

Looking towards the back of the room is the "man cave" portion of the room....

File Nov 30, 9 13 17 AM.jpeg
File Nov 29, 4 51 46 PM.jpeg

and.... of course..... the coolest beer/wine fridge I could find with my $40 budget....

File Nov 29, 4 51 18 PM.jpeg

Thats the tour..... I hope all these open... if not, I'll break it up later....

Hopefully this is the beginning of a very long thread. I am currently in the idea phase and thought I would come to y'all for help.

After about 15 months traveling around in a 5th wheel trailer, we are finally going to settle down and live in something bigger than 300 sq feet. We have a house under contract, and the best part of it for me is the 20x30 (ft) room that I can do anything I want to.

Initially, I thought I would build a studio in it and be done with it. But, after seeing Miro's setup and others, now I'm thinking of more like a room that I can enjoy myself in. Since I am an amateur singer/songwriter, and only write about 15 songs a year (purely for my own kicks). I think I would like the room to be part studio, part entertainment room, part game room. But I would like this all wrapped up in one.

I'm thinking about having a studio at one end, but open to the rest of the room. Essentially, the studio would run along three of the walls and open on one side to the rest of the room. The room would have the Realistic Stereo system I dreamed of in my youth (don't hate.......relate.... :cool: ), a TV up on the wall to watch whatever games, and probably a small billiards table. There will also be a small workstation area to work on my analog stuff.

There are no neighbors, but the room does face a residential road (low traffic), and one wall is attached to our living area of the house, so these areas I'll need some sound isolation (or dampening) in.

I've been following some of the studio designs here and I haven't found a thread with anything like this, So here are my questions:

1. Is something like this possible?
2. How would I go about starting to design it?

You initial idea is sound. Miro's space is truly magnificent but is, to all intents and purposes, barren. A laptop, interface and headphones can, and probably will, produce more music heard & enjoyed by more people. Don't let gearlust/penis envy get in the way of doing something decent for yourself at the level you can actually afford & use. Erectile dysfunction often needs the blue pill or a big studio.